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Green Action is constantly trying to make sure new people get involved with running things, so we stay co-operative.

Please add your answers, improve the ones already filled in, and add any new questions you can think of, so everyone knows how green action works, and can get involved.

These answers will go up outside the co-op as soon as possible, and some of them will also be used to put together a co-op volunteer’s manual, to help people when they do a shift. So please add whatever you think will help!

Could you also try and keep the formatting of the questions the same – tab in each answer etc… This is going to be a long document and we need to keep it readable!

How do I edit this list of questions?

Go to and log in.

How often should it be updated, and whose responsibility is it to do this?

This document should be updated whenever we change something in green action. Usually, if the change is to do with the library, the library co-ordinator should do the updating, and changes on the allotment should be added by the allotment co-ordiantor etc… but generally, all members should contribute to this document.

 In 2009 Nanda made this into a zine, check it out.

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