Cooking times for grains and pulses


These are very nutritious – especially whole grains.


Grain – 1 cup (qty) Water Time (mins)
Amaranth 2 30
Barley (hulled) 3 90
Barley (pearled) 3 45
Buckwheat 2 15
Millet 2 1/2 25
Oat Groats 3 60
Quinoa 2 20
Basmati brown 2 45
Basmati white 1 3/4 15
Brown rice 2 45
Bulgar wheat 2 15
Cous Cous 2 1
Arborio (rissoto) rice 2 1/2 30
Wheat grain 3 90-120
Spelt grain 3 90-120




Who is Green Action?

At the [[AGM 2010]] we agreed to get a constitution to formalise our structure.  Sustain has a food co-op constitution guideline on which this is based.


Anyone can join.  The membership is for a year only.  To leave the co-op ask to be removed from the email lists and membership book.
We have regular meetings (see All things Green Action) but our AGM happens in the near the end of the academic year.  If any meeting is well attended (over 20 members) then it may be considered a general meeting with decision making powers on major co-op issues, the same number holds at our AGM.

The meetings are run by consensus (see seeds for change) and the committee members are chosen via this.

This document can be altered only at general meetings. If the food co-op is dissolved the items owned by the co-op will be distributed among members at cost price, returned to our suppliers, sold to a similar co-op or donated to a co-op with very similar ethics (decided at a general meeting). It will not be donated below cost price to the members.

Green Action food co-op (or the food co-op) and the allotment are part of Green Action.

(The use of consensus and the Ethics headings are fundamental to Green Action and cannot be altered even at an AGM.) – to be decided.




Sustainable, seasonal and reducing waste.  We use paper bags.  We buy from organic farms that use less petrochemicals than conventional farms.  We stock mainly non-processed food.  We have an allotment where we grow our own food.

  • Making organic, local, seasonal and ethical food more accessible

  • Recycling and cutting down on waste

  • Campaigning about and supporting environmental awareness and initiatives.


This is a working practical example of the an alternative autonomous lifestyle which we are hoping to move towards.  Instead of passively buying food that we had no control over in a shop we created the co-op so we know where our food comes from and give an alternative model to commercial shops – it has worked for over 15 years.

  • Activities, protest and actions

  • Socials and promotion



We would like to let other people know why we have these ethics and what motives us.  This requires education about the issues and our proposed solutions.  To create the world we would like to see we need to be a practical example but we also need to let people know about the practical example.  So outreach and promotion are essential.

  • Share skills

  • Make a link specifically between food and peoples lives.

  • Give people the opportunity to run a food co-op and allotment


Community Co-op

We are part of a community and we are a community.  The co-op is also a social hub and is part of the glue the binds our community together.  We are also moulded in the form of co-op principals: Voluntary and Open Membership, Democratic Member Control, Member Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, (Education, Training and Information), Co-operation among Co-operatives, Concern for Community.

  • Decisions are made through consensus (for details on consensus – see seeds for change)

  • Supporting other Co-ops

American Army Base Demo

Hi, Sophie told me about Lindis Percy who is often the only protester at the Tuesday demo with 5-10 police, let’s see if we can join in and show some support:

There is a demonstration every Tuesday evening (6-8pm) outside the main entrance to Menwith Hill (A U.S. military base just north of Leeds) – we will be focusing on the role that this base is playing in the conflict in Gaza and that the US military role in this terrible conflict until there is a cease fire. We urge as many people as possible to join us with banners. It is one thing we can do….

We concentrate on the presence, role and functions of the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies in the UK (also world wide). Our long term aim is to send the US Visiting Forces and their Agencies back to within their borders.

This demonstration has been going every week for nine years

Meet at 5.30 at Harrogate train station with a bike