Green Guide 2009 working group


who is going to do what?  Last years the [[Green Guide]] (in pdf and MS Word).

Last year we had this structure.  We don’t have to have the exact same thing but it is too late to do a total re-write.  Amy has suggested – events section for the next academic year, ie: Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009.
I am hoping to move the whole guide from MS Word to Scribus so I am offering to do the final layout and editing (checking links and facts, squeezing sections onto one page).  Pages that I will happily take on are
1, 8-9, 14 (and maybe more if needed).
If you would like to do the final page layout/editing then let me know but I think that job is best left to one person only so it all has the same style.

The deadline will be July 9th (so there is time for final style changes before it is sent to Footprint).

Please say by editing this document and adding your initials to the sections you are prepared (or even keen) to update.  It is better to say too many and if there are multiple people wanting the same section then we can sort that out better than nobody doing it, i.e. if there is someone doing something you are keen on see if they would mind swapping.  Also please get other people who would be interested to join in and then email us.

        1     Introduction (NAB)
        2     How Green is Leeds Uni? (This does not need updating – at least by us)
        3     How to get involved (AC)
At Home:
        4     Your House (OB)
        5     Saving Energy (OB)
        6     Renewable Electricity (OB)
        6     Water (NvV)
        7     Waste… Sort it out!
        8-9  Where to recycle in Leeds (NAB)
Around and About:
        10   Your Local Community
        11   Travel in the Leeds and Beyond
        12-13  Like a Daytrip? Open Spaces Map
        14    Ethical Shopping (NAB)
        15    Health
        16-17 Green Leeds: Local services and shops (NvV)
        18    Food (NvV)
        19    Cleaning
        20    Banking and Money (OB)
        21    Ethical Careers (OB)

If you are too busy let us know sooner rather than later so work can be re-allocated.