Things Green Action Zine

Hey all,

Me and Ben thought it’d be a good idea to turn the Things Green Action booklet into a more interesting read! And have it ready for Freshers if poss.

At the moment it is all text, not very accessible.. It would be really useful for newcomers as they may miss an intro meeting, or perhaps get overwhelmed with all the info at that first meeting!  It is also a nice way fro preserving what happened to GA in the past, so in years to come people can still benefit from the booklet.  It can alsdo go up on the website.

Deadline and Money
I have asked for a quote from footrpint and they said 36pp A5 booklet with colour front and back is £69.50 (so thats £1.39 per booklet) and they said they would need the booklet a week in advance, but also said as its such a small run they could do it on the spot!  So that means we need to get the booklet sorted for the week starting 14th Sept. 

As GA doesnt seem to have much money, I dont mind fronting the cash

Things we had in mind for contents
Attached is the ‘everything you need to know about GA’ and the bulk of the in fo would come from that
History about GA
Interview from a current and past member
Interview form a co-oridnator, or a day in the life of..
Closer look at one campaign
An allotments page

Basically it would be everything we do in an intro meeting, but put into pretty pictures and words!

If you want to help out, we could have a meet up, and then get on with it – lets try to minimise meetings and maximise actions, we could do alot over email

I propose we have a meeting on Tuesday the 25th Aug at 5.30pm at my house (16 Sholeebroke Ave) and I can cook dinner too.  Please say if this aint good for you with hitting the ‘reply to all’ button

As alot of the content is there I dont think the meeting needs to be long, and we can just get on with doing our pages after that

Food Zine
Me and some others have also been getting excited about writing a food zine, with recipes, how to cook pulses, conversion charts, using pressure cookers, hayboxes, how to make a rocket stove, what to do with stuff we sell at the co-op etc…  So if you wanna help with that, give me an email too

Cheers and see yas soon?

Love Nanda

Summer 2009 openings

Here message sent out to intrested groups.  Please put up the poster and we have attached a xcf file (openable in GNU Manupulation Program) if you want to edit the file.

Here are the summer opening times:

Mondays 12-2pm
Tuesdays 12-2pm
Wednesdays (closed)
Thursdays 12-2pm
Fridays 13-14pm

The Food Co-op is an organisation within Leeds University Union run entirely by student volunteers to provide cost price ethical food to its members.  We sell good healthy food at whole sale prices.

  •   All products are free from Genetically Modified Organisms.
  •   Where possible products are Organic and Fairly Traded.
  •   We are a strictly not-for-profit organisation.

Find us opposite the Old Bar, Downstairs in the union

In term time we are open 10-6pm week days.
Tell your friends and come down to make it worth our time.