Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road, happening on the last Friday of every month in hundreds of cities and towns around the world.

We meet at 5.30pm in [[,-1.548493|Millennium Square]]. We ride through Leeds for 30 mins to an hour, where cyclists are often considered second class road users.   We are vulnerable on a bike but together we are stronger.  Read more about the Leeds critical mass on Northen Indymedia.

We hope to raise awareness for:

  • the benefits of cycling
  • the need for more buses
  • the need for more cycle lanes
  • cutting down the need for driving
  • cycling is fun

It is not about making cars go slowly behind us it is a creative celebration of cycling trying to encourage the cars stuck in traffic to join us:

Critical Mass isn’t BLOCKING traffic – We ARE Traffic.

for more info see [[|Wikipedia]] or [[|critical mass how-to]].

Try to bring some flyers for cars and for mass riders (see attached documents).

Leeds Urban Harvest

Leeds Urban Harvest is a voluntary run project that aims to collect and distribute varieties of fruits that grow unharvested around our city on trees and bushes in both public and private spaces.

Fruit is distributed to groups, volunteers and the local community.  Damaged fruits are turned into juice, preserves, jams and chutneys.  Any money raised is put back into the project to help with running costs.  We are also creating a detailed reference map of Leeds with location and tree information for future harvests, accessible to anyone.

As part of the project we aim to raise awareness of the great abundance of local tasty and healthy food that is available for everyone and for free.

Saturday – picking day

10.30 – 13.00

Sunday – preserve/juicing day

13.00 – 16.00


For more info:


Call 07760 141 822 for the weekend co-ordinator!

Wild Food Forage

 Come on a wonderful wild walk and learn about food you can forage for free, from healing herbal remedies to mysterious mushrooms. Then after we can go cook up a scrummy feast.

£7 donation to The Nuru Shelter and Education Centre in Mombasa, Kenya.

Location yet to be decided.. mybe Woodhouse Ridge

The Great Climate Swoop


Don’t be confused – 2009 is just another year of climate talks, in which governments and corporations will continue business as usual and tell us how a load of corrupt (but profitable) trading is in fact a real attempt to save the world.

To solve climate change we’re going to have to get together and make a real noise. CO2 levels are rising 20,000 times faster than at any point in life’s astonishing billion year history and coal is the biggest source of emissions. If we burn all the coal in the ground we’re toast. No butter, no jam, just toast. So stopping the burning of coal in the rapidly warming world is a good place to start.

That’s why on the 17th & 18th October 2009 we’re having a mega get together to close one of the UK’s biggest coal fired power stations, E.ON’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar in Nottingham.

Another end of the world is possible.




Green Action will be a part of this.  The plan is to go to the third largest coal power station in Europe (near Nottingham) and have a mass demonstration.  We will probably engage in some reasonably peace ful direct action – banners, chantings, eco-spectacles.  Come down to the co-op to get some leaflets or chat about it. Or come to the National Climate Camp Gathering on 2nd to the 4th of Oct at the Common place.



Itching to swoop but don’t know how you’re getting there?

Come in Leeds’ very own magical minibuses of mischief and mayhem. We have spaces in minibuses leaving Leeds at daybreak on Saturday (7.15am sharp), assembling on the Parkinson steps, Leeds University. While they’re technically free, a £20 – 25 donation to the Yorkshire climate camp would be much appreciated. We’re returning on Sunday evening. What a road trip we’re going to have. (there’s a list of roadtrip musthaves here)

How do I get these tickets, you ask?

    1) Head to Greenaction food coop or the Leeds Union welcome desk between 10 and 6 on weekdays.
    2) Come to Yorkshire climate camp preswoop meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 14th in the Commonplace (bringadish) – email us before so we keep a ticket for you.

    3) Can’t get down to the University? Call the ticketline for homedelivery!

Anyone wanting tickets delivered or planning to wait till Wednesday, let us know on 07912 569 938 or

Greenaction volunteers: There will be tickets in the coop, and a tin to collect money. We need to have a list of people’s phone numbers to contact them if plans change. Laura will come by and collect up money.

See you at the swoop.


Giant Jam Making Session

Let’s make loads of Jam! Learn how to if you don’t know already, share tips, bring recipes, bring fruit, bring sugar, bring lables, bring notebooks, bring smiles,  BRING JARS!


We will be jamming it up at The Common Place.  Meet beforehand at 3pm, Parkinson Steps to walk down.


Take Jam home with you, please remember to bring jars we’re worried we dont have enough.


Donations welcome.


See you there!