Buy Nothing Day 09

[[Buy Nothing Day (BND)|Buy Nothing Day 2009]] is going to be brilliant.

The idea is to encourage people that instead of buying something for Christmas they could make something (see our [[Alternative gift ideas (Buy Nothing Day)|alternative Christmas gifts]] for ideas).  There is so much advertising saying BUY THIS we thought that there should be some saying BUY NOTHING.

Last year we had [[Christmas carols|Christmas Carols]], a free shop, food and all for free in Briggate.  Lots of people interested in the concept and lots of cups of tea.

Join us.


It’s Buy Nothing Day on Saturday 28th Nov, where people all over the

world take action to encourage people to think about the consequences
of shopping and mass consumerism. We have done it for quite a few
years in Leeds already and it is always a huge success.

It is going to be amazing!! We are making cake, lunch, tea, bringing a
sound system, singing alternative christmas carols, giving out
alternative gift list ideas, having a make your own wallet workshop,
and a free shop


Bring along your own ideas, be it circus skills, storytelling, playing an instrument, making delicious cakes( you can never have too much cake) OR JUST COME ALONG AND TAKE PART!!

So this is the proposal:

Meet at Common Place @ 10.30am to set up.

Stall on Briggate 11-4.

Pack up 4 onwards.


For more info. check out:

This is a list of the jobs that need doing before the day, if you
would like to help with anything, please email:

us through the website (or get hold of Olga or Nikolai).  List of jobs….

  • Skipping sandwiches (fri eve)- Nikolai and Nanda.
  • Free Shop- Nikolai-can anyone offer a car?
  • Cake- Everyone.
  • Tea- Nanda
  • Music- Nikolai
  • Banner- come help make some banners at 5.30 on tue @ 43 Hartley Crescent.
  • Tarpaulin- Olga and Maeve
  • Tetrapaks- Judith, Nanda, Nikolai to bring tetrapaks and staples.
  • Flyer- Olga to design, Nikolai to print.
  • Food- Olga, Maeve, Gauthier
  • Stall table- Nikolai.
  • Press release- Maeve.
  • Buy facepaint- Judith.
  • Set up facebook group- Nanda.


First Meeting

First GA meeting.  Let’s make it a good big one.

We have loads of events and things to be done.

Facilitator: Nikki

Agenda (time in mins) – person

  • Welcome (5) – Nikki
  • Who is GA (10) – Nikolai
  • History (10) – Nanda
  • Co-ordinator roles (10)
  • Meeting/ consensus (10) – Hannah
  • Events planned (15)
  • Ideas (20)

Leaves 40 mins to add interactive and for overlap.

Freshers Fair

This is important.  We need to get people to know about the Green Action: the co-op, the allotments and the action we do. 

Laptop – Judith/Joanna

Flip chart (and pens) – Amy

Canes for banner/ banner – Nanda

Apples – Nikolai

Flyers/photos – Ben

Veg – Hannah

Banana chips to give away

Green guides and brief volunteers on "Who is GA?" if they are unsure about how to be enthusiastic…


If you are free to help set up we can start at 9am (or soon after…)



Freshers and Social Forum planning

NEW location and time!

This is now going to be a planning session for the whole term so could we ideas and enthusiasm…


They would like to know ASAP what were planning so it can go on programme etc.  Nanda created a forum on the website to discuss ideas.

We should try to get one (or ficken three) of these ideas a reality, so are people able to meet up at the Peanut this Thursday (10th) 1pm with a calender and some ideas so we can get something sorted.

It would also be BRILLIANT if we had some ideas and people who could help with Freshers fair/ week.



Ideas so far for the social forum..

  • Brewing workshop
  • Urban Harvest: something with the tonnes of apples we’ll have
  • Run some sort of cooking workshop? Maybe veggie/vegan? Using food that is skipped/allotmented?
  • Maybe a giant jam making sesh…
  • Musical workshop…maybe arts an craft stylee, making instruments
  • Intro to green guide/co-op is good but how to make it particularly dynamic/interesting
  • Maybe a sort of ‘what is Green-Action’ with a ‘how to make it your own’
  • Ideas on where people want to take the society, visionary..umm
  • Allotment

see for more info on the social forum website