Copenhagen and climate change – lobbying MPs!

As the Copenhagen climate negotiations fast approach us and a general election looms, it’s important that climate change is high up the political agenda and that MPs hear the voices of the many people across Leeds who are busy campaigning against climate change, and that the message is pushed up the political system from activists on the ground.
If you are interested in lobbying your MP about climate change in the run up to Copenhagen and beyond, then come along to our Climate Change Lobbying Training Session on Thursday 29th October at 7.30pm at the Leeds Church Institute.
Following the Copenhagen Climate Chaos Cafe back in the summer, a group of us have been doing some work around lobbying MPs on climate change, and the training session will include info from Colin Challen MP (Chair of the All Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change and a big climate change campaigner) on how to lobby MPs effectively on climate change, guidance on how to get a meeting set with your MP, how to effectively run it, how to pitch your argument and persuade your MP to do something!
If you would like to come along, please email Lizzie Fellows at If you can’t make this session but are interested in being involved in climate change lobbying please let Lizzie know and she’ll keep you informed about what we’re up to.

How to Build a Bike Generator

Brief introduction to building a bike generator

Saturday 24th October 4-5pm
Leeds Central Library – 1st floor

What you need, where you can source it and how much it will cost.
How much power you can generate and what you could use it for.

Check out our online how-to guide:


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Out of My Tree Exhibition at the Library, for other event details see:


Engage and Change, the Leeds Event for the International Day of Climate Action (which is this Saturday 24th!):

Introduction to Permaculture Workshop

Monday 26th October 6pm-8pm
Meeting Room 2, Upstairs in the Union

Always wondered: “What is Permaculture?”
                                              – Now is your chance to find out!

Permaculture is a toolkit for creating sustainable society and human systems. Often it is mistaken for “ecological gardening” as it can be used to create eco-friendly gardens very effectively. However it just as effectively be used to make anything we do truly sustainable. Come along to find out more!

Part of the Green Action Society’s autumn workshops. For details of other events visit the

Food Co-op near the old bar or

Capital, Climate Change & Copenhagen

A day of discussion, information, and action planning, focussing on the upcoming international climate talks in Copenhagen.


In the last year, we have seen the highest level of unemployment in fourteen years, the collapse of the banking system, and over 300, 000 people dying from climate change. These crises are all related – from backroom deals on runway expansion to the MPs expenses scandal, we have seen a collapse in public faith in the political system

Copenhagen is not just about climate change – it raises questions about a socially and ecologically unjust world that values profit over people.

The struggle against climate change needs to be a struggle for social justice.