How to do a Lembas order

  1. Get the blue Lembas ‘people’s orders’ book and copy down all people’s orders onto a sheet of paper. Make sure have code, quantity and name of product.
  2. In the blue Lembas ‘people’s orders’ book, write below all the orders ‘ordered by (name) on (date), then draw a clear line under the orders for that week, then below that write big and clear “orders for delivery…….(the next delivery date)”.
  3. Get a copy of the [[|stocklist]], best if it is a printed copy (there should be some in the co-op, if not then please print some).
  4. Go through the most recent invoice and note down items which have not arrived and have been carried forward, so should arrive next week (therefore you don’t want to order these unless you think we’ll need more than is being carried forward). You will know as it says “0.00” in the “Del” column of the invoice. Also, chilled goods – in bold on the invoice – are automatically cancelled if not delivered that week, so don’t worry about them.
  5. Go through the stocklist and make a note of products NOT in stock – LOOK IN STOCK ROOM! REMEMBER – don’t order carried forward items! And try to anticipate what might run out by the delivery date.
  6. Make a note of the quantity, code and name of each product needed for ordering (or jot down the name of it and then use the emailed stocklist to get the code- saves you writing it all down). E.g.:

    1 * 000123  Healthy organic and vegan food product  5Kg

    You need to consider how much we want to have in stock of an item. If not very popular split a crate if you can. It will say ‘S’ on the stocklist if it is splitable.

    If you want, order something new! If you think it’ll sell well, and its vegan and preferably organic. Maybe split a crate of something new, just in case it doesn’t sell.


    Go to ‘’

    Enter the website and click on ‘log-on’ and type in the code and password.  Ask the order co-ordinator Joanne (ee07jgl) for the password and number.

  8. Click ‘add your order’

    Using your order list, type a code into the ‘code’ box, then click ‘code’- If you press enter, it will search for whatever is in the ‘brand’ field. So do click ‘code’!

  9. Type the number of items you want (eg, 1, or 0.5) then click ‘+’.
  10. If you don’t have the code, or it is incorrect, do a search for that product (via the ‘brand/commodity’ and ‘description’ boxes)

    If you get stuck, read the instructions on top of the web page!

  11. Click ‘checkout’
  12. In message box type a friendly greeting of your choice and ‘please send confirmation of order to’ and ‘please send eta to’.
  13. Click ‘send order’


Chained to Factory Farming

Fix the Food Chain Event

Dear all,
We would like to invite you to help fix the food chain by attending –
Chained to Factory Farming 

The event is part of the Friends of the Earth Food Chain campaign which asks the government to support planet friendly farming.We have linked up with Leeds University Sustainability Action Group to raise awareness for the issues and to give you the opportunity to get involved. 

Speakers on the night:
  • Sergio Schlesinger Brazilian rainforest campaigner
  • Kirstin Glendinning Local organic farmer, Swillington Farm
  • Sandra Bell Food campaigner, Friends of the Earth
Please pass this on to any groups you think might be interested.
We hope to see you there,

Sheffield’s new squatted social centre!

If any of you fancy a trip over to sunny Sheffield an as yet un-named social centre has just opened in a squatted building in the Broomhill area…

  • It’s Pisgah House on Pisgah House Road (yes, it’s that special), Broomhill, S10 5BJ
  • Pretty easy to cycle to from the train station. Or you can take a number 52 bus from the centre of town to just past Broomhill at Hoole Road and it’s a two minute walk from there.
  •  A programme of workshops, discussions, gigs, tasty food and the like is planned for the first fortnight. Take a look at the events page on the website and if you have any ideas for something you’d like to organise then email, call 07729575582, or visit.
  • It’s a non-hierarchical, anti-capitalist space based on a number of core principles: co-operation and mutual aid, openness and inclusion, voluntary participation and shared responsibility.
  • The place itself (Pisgah House) dates from the 1820s and is amazing and quite special. It’s a beautiful building that used to be part of the University’s music department and comes complete with stained glass windows, two pianos and an impressive rail of costumes… The area around it is locally referred to as the secret gardens and they’re definitely worth exploring. In 2007 local residents defeated a planning application by property developers Miller Homes to demolish all of the buildings on the site (phew).

So that’s all for now, have a look at the website for events or just come along! Any questions email or call 07729575582.