Capture the Flag: Leeds City Centre Friday, January 22, 2010

The bugle has sounded. The city in daytime drowns in the drone of bankers and shoppers… as dusk descends the streets will come alive, laughing as the flags wave high.

For 90 minutes we’ll tear through the city centre, flag on our minds.

The lines have been drawn. Recruit, cajole and press-gang everyone you can. Rules and a map of the playing field coming soon.


Door knob

Dear __

I am writing concerning the recent accident with a doorknob.

The Green Action Society plays an important role in the Union, providing students, staff and other members of the public with affordable ethical food. The co-operative relies on volunteers and makes no profit as we sell all our products at cost price.

The damage to the doorknob was caused by accident when volunteers were transporting vegetable boxes to the co-op, a physically demanding job. The society feels unsupported by the Union in being asked to pay the full replacement cost. Green Action would urge you to reconsider the implications of making us pay this money as it was not an act of maliciousness but an accident that only happened in the course of providing a much-valued service to the Union. We feel that finding the money for this would greatly impede the work we do in the union and prevent us moving forward as a society.

Please reconsider.


Green Action.


Meeting minutes – 10/12

Need to work on a way to help other groups and make contact. Is the yahoo group working, should we as h/w read the Sustain website (and follow some of the recomendations..)

Joanne  – Fund raiser/ socail to be planned.

   ""        – Vegan condoms

   ""        – Allotments

   ""        – Co-op disscusion

Radiacal Roots – 6pm on the 14th February at 16 Sholebroke Avenue.

Nikolai – email/website training

   ""        – Bike workshop

Should the co-op have a phone number?

Door knob


Split Peaches meeting

Split peaches is a radical women’s health collective based in Leeds open to self identifying women. We meet once a month to skill share and discuss issues that relate to women’s health.

January’s discussion topic will be sex.

A Christmassy Social…

Hello all lovely green actionners,

The final meeting of the year is fast approaching. In fact, it’s this Wednesday! So, lets have a little food and drink to celebrate being green, and taking action.

Bring a dish to the Peanut for the meeting – think festive, maybe some pies and cakes – and we can decision make whilst we eat. The plan for after is somewhat undecided… that can be put on the agenda. (most likely some sort of pub to be honest).

So be there, with festive glee and hearty food, 5.30pm this Wednesday at the Peanut Gallery.

Much love,