RBS action: Profit Playground

Meet at Parkinson steps at 1.30 or City Sq. (by the train station) at 2.00

We’re organising an exciting, super fun, family-friendly action against RBS and you’re all invited. RBS are one of the worlds largest funders of oil and gas extraction projects, including some of the most destructive (e.g. tar sands).

Your aim: simple, make as much profit as possible, don’t worry about those pesky indigenous people, health concerns or the climate. The more profit you make the more your bonus (which will be paid in chocolate money).

 Just before Gordon and friends head off to Copenhagen to try and continue business as usual while pretending to save the climate we hold some fun and games to expose the their hypocrisy. We have a simple message: our climate, our future, our bank!

It’s all crystal maze style. At each station (an RBS branch in Leeds city centre) you visit a simulated RBS sponsored project get as much carbon out the ground, destroy the environment, decimate human rights and make profit! Get to the finish station and we will see who the greediest teams.

We’ll finish with a drink or two to celebrate a year of hard work.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=190033536535&ref=ts

Split Peaches- Leeds Women’s Health Collective

Split peaches is a radical women’s health collective based in
Leeds. We are a fairly new group, but have found the collective to be
inspiring and worthwhile. We would like to open Split Peaches up to
other women and people who identify as women.

We will be holding a meeting on 8th December 8pm in the Peanut Gallery
(Leeds University Union)
We will be holding a talk on the biology behind our menstrual cycles.
Followed by discussion and ideas for where split peaches is going. We
will also have copies of Threads for sale for £6 (cost price). Threads
is a zine "bible" about all aspects of women’s health.

Hope to see you all there.

Split Peaches Collective


Hello all
I have two spare seats for the coach down to London for the Wave tomorrow (due to people being ill).
Please get in touch if anyone would like them.

I can even throw in a lovely home-made pair of starfish deely bopppers in keeping with the blue theme:-)
The coach leaves Leeds train station at 6.45am arriving London at about 11am in time for the start of the march at midday, and we will be returning at 5pm getting back to Leeds at about 9pm.
For more details of the day please see:
07796 593 135

Setting up a food co-op

There are loads of on-line resources.  These are really helpful.


Sustain has a draft consitiution, food hygine advice and draft documents here.  It might sound daunting but this is the place to start.


People and Planet are an umbrella student group.  They also mention co-ops here but would be an ideal place to recruit members. 



A short case study from Vegan Views giving you an idea about the time involed is available here


If you are intrested then please contact us.  We are held a fundraiser to help fund a new co-op in York and we have good links with our suppliers, Lembas – here who are happy to help small groups.


Green Action Minutes 25/11/09

Buy nothing day
– brigatte 11-4
– what preparation?
– 10.30 meet at commonplace to set up
– Bring spare clothes for free shop
– Everyone make cakes etc
– Lorna making chapaties
Why is ‘how to set up a co-op’ on green action website so empty. What do we want to put up on it.
Christmas ideas for the co-op
– Rita – to make German bring your own sock Christmas stockings, Filled with tasty (co-op) goods, so sell for an optional profit to raise money. Decided a no against including trad. Coal in it.
Possible meeting with people and planet
– Lorna to go to p&p meeting on Sunday, find out whether or not they are going to be involved in transition university. If yes, tell them that green action would like to get involved.
– Plan a meeting with green action and people and planet
Green Action Christmas social
– Wednesday 2nd December 5.30pm – meet in the peanut gallery
– Bring a dish, beverage and secret santa gift that has cost nothing!
– Carol singing around the piano
– Someone to dress up as santa clause,
– Possibly go to a pub or something fun afterwards.
Vegan condoms in the co-op
– Joanna investigating ..