Folks Kitchen, with Stories from Christmas and Copenhagen, two.

We’ll be doing another Folks Kitchen on Tuesday at Rosehurst. This will accompany a Stories from Copenhagen, Two. This will be followed by a smaller group chats on projects that we can collaborate on, ideas for the future and will compliment Wednesdays Cafe Politique quite well…

Food served at 7. Meals will be £1-2. Stories from Christmas and Copenhagen from 7.30.

Oli myself and a few others were reflecting on the goods and the nots so goods from last thursday when we had the first folk kitchen and ‘stories from copenhagen’.

We loved coming together to eat and having a subject on which to focus.
We didn’t like that not everyone got to tell their stories.
We liked beginning to talk about where next.
We didn’t like so much not breaking up into smaller groups to share more ideas for the furture.

Soooo. to recap. This is for everyone who went to copenhagen and all those who didn’t but who are interested in talking about where next….

Please spread like Jam!

squat network and resource library meeting (SNaRL)

hey.. are you interested in homelessness issues?

SNaRL is a newly formed group which aims to create a non-hierarchial environment in which people can share skills, knowledge and resources about squatting and homelessness so that we can help each other out and create alternatives to the housing advice services offered by the council.

There are two main objectives to SNaRL: 

  • To build an active, welcoming, support network for anyone interested in squatting and people in immediate housing need: this includes a wide range of groups such as recent evictees, rough sleepers, asylum seekers and anyone in unstable housing. We also want to create a strong, friendly network amongst the squatters of the present and future in Leeds, and possibly throughout the North.
  • To create a social space with a resource library, tool share, and freely distributed information, as well as a kinda ‘squatters estate agents’ facility.


And the best part; we recently got funding to start a tool and resource library so it would be wicked to get things going.. please come join us at this meeting!


From TINWOLF (Transition Inner North-West of Leeds Forum)


Dates for your diary

Hi everyone,

Here are the topics for the next two TINWOLF Eco-cafe events. All Eco-cafes are on the third Monday of the month, starting at 7.30pm. The venue is Muir Court, Sagar Place, off St Michaels Road in Headingley. Entry is free; donations welcome to cover the cost of room-hire and refreshments. For further details of any of these events, or other TINWOLF activities, please phone Ellen on Leeds 3681999 or Gay on Leeds 2307127

Monday 15th February 2010

"Building an Ecologically and Socially Sustainable Community" – a discussion with the LILAC  Eco Housing Project in Leeds.

 LILAC stands for Low Impact Living Affordable Community. This pioneering project aims to build a community of 20 strawbale homes in Leeds city. LILAC will be a member-led housing neighbourhood which will be built to the highest ecological standards, will be affordable, maximise social interaction between its residents, and make a positive contribution to its surrounding community.


Come and meet some of the development group and hear more about the project


Monday 15th March 2010

15th March – "Community and Domestic Energy Solutions for the Future" – TINWOLF explores our local sustainable energy options.

This Eco-cafe will be presented by people involved with TINWOLF, and will be an opportunity for us all to learn more about different types of sustainable energy technologies; following this we can explore what might be viable options for us locally, and how we might begin working towards implementing them. We are looking at following this up with a longer weekend event for those interested in practical energy saving and energy-generation.