Green Action Minutes 24/02/10

present – tim, gautier, rita, john, judith, claire, joanna, nikolai, ben, rebecca (anyone else, sorry i didn’t get yer name)

agenda was –

  1. shea butter
  2. radical routes
  3. ordering
  4. AGM
  5. website
  6. membership
  7. skill sharing with newer workers in coop

1. shea butter – we decided to try selling some shea butter from this womens coop, starting with 3 tubs.
AP judith to email sellers and request these

2. radical routes – becoming a RADICAL ROUTES coop was discussed – check out their website at . Although joining will be an ongoing process, the proposal of joining RR was not blocked by anyone present at the meeting and so further discussions about joining are going to happen. Anyone interested in talking more about the proposal should come to these future meetings aye!!
AP to be a radical routes coop by the end of the academic year (June)

3. ordering – we need to find out what the minimum order is for free delivery from lembas. we decided to limit personal orders to a maximum of £50, or 5 items. 
AP joanna is gonna write this on front of the ordering book
AP nikolai and anjela are gonna get in on with some ordering skill shares so more people can help

4. AGM – An AGM has been organised for the 28th April, which is the second wednesday back after hols. This is to find a new coordinator and for people to hand over their roles.
AP rita’s gonna make publicity

nikolai’s gonna inform the union of the AGM

5. website – 

AP nikolai’s gonna make an easily findable link to the philosophy / ethos of the coop, that everyone can edit.

AP … and a website-making skillshare workshop

6. membership – we thought it would be right on to have coop membership carry a little more weight, so we is gonna design some membership cards with the coops ethos and principles on it, that people can take away with them and feel more member-lyke

AP ben, tim and john to get on designing membership cards

7. skill sharing with newer workers in coop – we reckoned it is a good idea for more experienced coop members to pop by the coop throughout the week when there are new people working, to give em a smile and a check everything’s alright, go through stuff in more detail if they have the time etc.

AP oldies to make trips down to the coop when they can to share their skills!

Yorkshire Regional Training Day

In York we’re holding the P&P Yorkshire Region Training day and i don’t think we have any people from Leeds coming yet which is a shame. Here’s a link to the event:!/event.php?eid=313486604794&ref=ts

There’s going to be some pretty good workshops on but more importantly it will be a great chance to mix and shame ideas and stories. Hope some of you come down, it should be a really fun relaxed day, it’s all free, lunch included.


Capture the Flag and Transform University

The bugle has blown again. It’s back to the streets. We learnt a lot from our last outing and are eager for more.

This time the games will be taking place across the university campus – reclaiming and transforming a space in the name of free education.

On the first day of strikes, we’ll weave across campus in solidarity with academic staff opposing the increasing move of our university towards a bureaucratic production line for obedient workers.

Our response? Come and play Capture the Flag.


This event is co-organised by the Really Open University
To find out more check out…


Yorkshire Dales Trip

Settin’ sail at: Thir’ day of yer sailing, Marrrch 23, 2010 roundabouts 2:00 in the evenin’ Returnin’ to port at: Tharrrsdy, Marrrch 25, 2010 roundabouts 10:00 in the mornin’ Coordinates: The lovely Yorkshire Dales Battle Plan With the prospect of the Peanut gallery closing, bottled water returning and oil companies being let loose all over our societies it’s time for a holiday! The barn is in perfect walking location, the village has a couple of pubs and we can cook some delicious meals collectively. Malharm Barn (in…Malham) has been booked for the evenings of the first Tuesday and Wednesday of the Easter holidays. Although this is a People and Planet holiday it would be lovely to have along other friendly members of societies so I’ve invited members of PSG, Fem Soc and Green Action to this (and friends of these society members), and if you’re from another friendly society invite yourselves along! There is a cap of 32 beds in the barn. If we can fill it, the cost of beds and food shouldnt amount to more than £20 each for the whole weekend, (although transport could amount to an extra £10.) If you are interested, reply as attending, and then when it comes to paying it’ll be first come first serve (but we havent got to that stage yet.) Check it;