Bhopal fundraiser and info night

The newly formed Bhopal Supporter’s Forum are holding a fundraiser for the Bhopal Medical Appeal on March 28th and we’d like you to come!

It will be held at the Common Place, Leeds City Centre from 4pm til 8pm. There will be cheap food, cheap drinks, a DJ, spoken word, a photo exhibition, a speaker (to talk about the Bhopal gas leak tragedy and the work of the charity) and lots of cups of tea!

Entrance will be £2.50 for members and non-members will either need to be signed in by a member or buy membership before hand.

It’ll be a laid back affair so if you fancy bringing along an instrument and giving us a song, please feel free! Food will be vegan and it’ll all be cheap!

All proceeds go to the wonderful Bhopal Medical Appeal which supports the Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, India. Find out more at

Green Action Minutes 10/03/10

G.A.  Meetings 10th of MARCH 2010-03-12

1.      Radical Roots
2.      Annual General Meeting
3.      Fundraiser
4.      Coop Shelves – Wednesday Clean Up! And SOCIAL
5.      Membership
6.      Radical Roots
7.      Zine
8.      Shea Butter
9.      Workshops
10.     Summer Trip
11.     Voku – Peoples Open Kitchen

 Radical Roots
We will talk in depth about becoming members of Radical Roots (association of cooperatives) after Easter, at AGM and Coop workshop.

Set for Wednesday 28th of April, the second week of term. Need to book a room.
o       Radical Roots Intro
o       New Roles – anyone who’s interested in learning how to order veg or   wholefood, running communications or events COME ALONG!

o       Plans for next year and FUNDRAISER

Plans for an event at the COMMON PLACE with possible
Ready Steady Ship    –    Sustainable Food Zine launch  –     Music
Decided not not fundraise for the new Social Centre yet as plans are too unclear So……….
We want to start raising money and support for joining Radical Roots (check it out on the website).

Coop Shelves – Wednesday Clean Up!
We need to get ride of junk in the COOP, so we’re having a Wednesday (17th) end of term clean up, around 5pm before the Peanut Gallery meeting and then a SOCIAL, come along for a drink or two!

TIM is organising a revival of membership for the COOP. More info at AGM.

Last chance to add anything the FOOD ZINE Wednesday 17th.
(this is a small independent publication, we’d like to include all kinds of foodies in it so meat eaters, vegans ect all welcome)
Any illustrations, stories, recipes, or articles welcome, especially FRONT PAGE!!!

Shea Butter
We have a delivery of Shea Butter from a Women’s Cooperative in Ghana. This is super organic nice moisturiser BUT still waiting for prices and will need to return order if not sold before summer break.

Next term workshops
o       Wild Food Walk – on a weekend
o       Bike accessories – make bike bells and baskets from recycled rubbish –        21st April

o       Guerrilla Gardening – Over the Summer
o       Radical Roots & What is a Cooperative?  – before AGM 28th April

Poss ideas   –   housing coops    –     squatting   –    DIY screen printing

This will possibly be combined with trip to Radical Roots Quarterly national Meeting in Scotland.

Voku – Peoples Open Kitchen
Judith is following the trend to open her kitchen and have everyone round for some tasty grub.
–       Sunday 21st, 16 Spring Grove Walk.

‘Crude’ screening, 7.30, 24th March @ Rosehurst, 8 Grosvenor Rd

Crude is a gripping, entertaining, and thought-provoking documentary about the humanitarian crisis in Ecuador caused by oil production in the Ecuadorian Amazon over the last 30 years. A precedent-setting lawsuit was filed against Chevron on behalf of 30,000 Amazon residents. The lawsuit alleges that Chevron (then Texaco) deliberately dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic waste water and left 917 waste pits filled with toxic sludge, leading to over 1400 cancer deaths, birth defeats, and polluted water supplies.The case is now coming to a climax.

Bring a dish for 7.30, film starts at 8, followed by a discussion.

For more info cheek out any of these:

Any questions email alisonvernon at hotmail dot co uk

Capture the Flag: Leeds City Centre

Friday, March 19, 2010
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Leeds City Centre, WH Smiths
3/7 Lands Lane, Leeds, LS1 6AW

The bugle has blown again. It’s back to the streets, with the sounds of shrieks and pounding feet as the flags flap high.

We learnt alot from our last outing and are eager for more.

This time there’ll be jousting, sound in the streets, food for afters and then a gig for a quid. This is going to be an assult on the senses.


Don’t Vote, Play!

‘Beyond the field there is nothing’!/event.php?eid=275147848371&ref=mf






There be a gig and food afterwards at TJs.

Amazing bands, Djs, Visuals and a 6 k sound system. Mint.

Allotment Workday

hey all,
gunna be another workday this sunday 3-5, got some raspberry canes to dig up n herb spiral to sort out + making a mint n flower bed. bring tea/coffee n we can have another chilled sunday.
also there will be a voku dinner down at judiths house 14 Spring Grove Walk, LS6 1RR (on the menu so far- freegan freindly clotted cream and mango ice cream).. anyone who wants sup is welcome to come down after.
laters patatas