AGM 2010

Green Action AGM: 28th April 2010-05-20


  1. Action philosophy (who is Green Action).  When Green Action has big decisions to make it is important that we can go back to see what binds us all together.  What do we want from Green Action and what can it expect from us.

  2. Radical Roots: Proposal to join Radical Roots. This is an umbrella co-operative set up to aid radical worker and housing co-ops in promoting positive social change.

  3. Roles: Green Action has a certain number of roles to be filled.  We need to fill all these roles to keep Green Action running. 

  4. Summer trip/ Lembas trip

  5. Green Guide update

  1. The philosophy/ethos of GA has been too vague. We want it clear, especially to explain to new members, people who visit the Co-op, and RR.


Proposal; that we get a constitution to formalise our structure.  Sustain has a food co-op constitutional guideline but we feel that we also need an ethics and aims section. We have a basic ethos written up by members at on the summer trip last year.


Here is the ethos plus the point we added to it in discussions today:





Sustainable, seasonal and reducing waste.  We use paper bags.  We buy from organic farms that use less petrochemicals than conventional farms.  We stock mainly non-processed food.  We have an allotment where we grow our own food.

  • Making organic, local, seasonal and ethical food more accessible

  • Recycling and cutting down on waste

  • Campaigning about and supporting environmental awareness and initiatives.


This is a working practical example of the an alternative autonomous lifestyle which we are hoping to move towards.  Instead of passively buying food that we had no control over in a shop we created the co-op so we know where our food comes from and give an alternative model to commercial shops – it has worked for over 15 years.

  • Activities, protest and actions

  • Socials and promotion



We would like to let other people know why we have these ethics and what motives us.  This requires education about the issues and our proposed solutions.  To create the world we would like to see we need to be a practical example but we also need to let people know about the practical example.  So outreach and promotion are essential.

  • Share skills

  • Make a link specifically between food and peoples lives.

  • Give people the opportunity to run a food co-op and allotment


Community Co-op

We are part of a community and we are a community.  The co-op is also a social hub and is part of the glue the binds our community together.  We are also moulded in the form of co-op principals: Voluntary and Open Membership, Democratic Member Control, Member Economic Participation, Autonomy and Independence, (Education, Training and Information), Co-operation among Co-operatives, Concern for Community.

  • Decisions are made through consensus (for details on consensus – see seeds for change)

  • Supporting other Co-ops



Any one can join.  The membership is for a year only.  To leave the co-op simple ask to be removed from the email lists and membership book.
We have regular meetings (see All things Green Action) but our AGM happens in the near the end of the academic year.  If a meeting is well attend (over 20 members) this may be considered a general meeting with decision making powers on major co-op issues, the same number holds at our AGM.
The meetings are run by consensus (see seeds for change) and the committee members are chosen via this.  Any profits must either stay within Green Action, go to a co-op with simmilar ethics or a project with very simmer ethics decided upon at a general meeting.
This document can be altered only at general meetings, other documents can be decided upon by a working group.  If the food co-op is dissolved the items owned but the co-op will be first distributed among members at cost price, returned to our suppliers, sold to a similar co-op or donated to a co-op with very similar ethics (decided at a general meeting).  It will not be donated to members.

Green Action food co-op (or the food co-op) and the allotment are part of Green Action.


From these discussions we decided 3 new points needed to be added to the agenda;

    1. How our constitution and ethos can be changed.

    2. How strict we are on organic only products in the Co-op.

    3. How we support other Co-ops.


b1. We decided that the Constitution is only changeable at AGM’s, that consensus decision making and the four parts of our ethos are unchanging; Environmental, Practical, Educational and Community Co-op. These are fundamental and can be added to or updated but not taken away.


b2. Products in the Co-op need to be sustainable and ethical overall rather than strictly vegan/organic/local, we need to take into account affordability in line with accessible food ethos. A ‘food hub’ will be set up instead of one LEMBAS coordinator, to share the work and discuss individual cases of Local vrs. Organic vrs. Price ect.


b3. We will support other Co-ops according to what is appropriate. They need to have a similar ethos, and we can help them financially/practically/by example in line with our cooperative ethos of education and practical environmentalist.



Proposal: Join Radical Roots. This will involve fundraising, membership fee and supporting and attending Radical Roots meetings.



We will start fundraising and attend the May meeting in Scotland.



3. Roles: Green Action has a certain number of roles to be filled.  We need to fill all these roles to keep Green Action running. These roles are co-ordinators. 



Proposal: New RadicalRoots post, and get ride of ‘Ideas’ post.


We decided to keep ideas, have new RR post and have a Food Hub for the LEMBAS role


Goosemoor (veg) – Emma


General Co-op (+President) – Tim


Allotment – Joanna + hub


Lembas (+Secretary) – Lizzie, Rita


Campaigning – Lorna


Accounts (+Treasure) – Nikolai


Publicity & Radical Roots Rep – Irial




4. Summer trip/ Lembas trip


Proposal: Trip could be merge with RadicalRoots meeting

  • its during exams, a couple of people should be sent instead.


Proposal: Trip to Lembas in Sheffield joint with Peak District walking/camping trip.

  • dates to be decided but after the 9th of June


Critical May Mass

Critical Mass is a monthly bicycle ride to celebrate cycling and to assert cyclists’ right to the road, happening on the last Friday of every month in hundreds of cities and towns around the world.

We meet at 5.30pm in Millennium Square. We ride through Leeds for 30 mins to an hour, where cyclists are often considered second class road users.   We are vulnerable on a bike but together we are stronger.  Read more about the Leeds critical mass in this Indymedia article.

We hope to raise awareness for:

  • the benefits of cycling
  • the need for more buses
  • the need for more cycle lanes
  • cutting down the need for driving
  • cycling is fun

It is not about making cars go slowly behind us it is a creative celebration of cycling trying to encourage the cars stuck in traffic to join us:

[[Critical Mass]] isn’t BLOCKING traffic – We ARE Traffic.

New Leeds social centre

Fundraising and politics.

At previous meetings we have agreed on what we would like: to own a building. This takes money so we need to fundraise, come with suggestions or enthusiasm (or both)

There are still some outstanding political issues: NGOs, violence, veganism, religious groups, ecological emphasis. It would be good to get some agreement on what kind of centre Leeds wants.
On another note I think it would be good if we all got a bit more understanding of the
wider movement of social centres so I suggest we read about some others on
I suggest we start with Cowley club: big questions.

There are some longer pdfs that would (probably) be worth reading:
our own Paul Chatterton’s

Salad plantin

Salad planting next Sunday at the allotments, come along for some salady fun!
also if anyone would like to start some guerilla gardening round Leeds give me a mail Im starting an email list of guerillas

ilikepeastoo ‘at