Woodhouse Forest Garden workday

Dreaming of a city where you’re surrounded by the abundance of nature and fresh food?  Wanna see the common land used to its full potential to nurture human and non human beings?  Ok well you’ll have to carry on dreaming for a bit but here’s something you can do to move things in that direction… 

Come on down and get yourself involved in the second public workday at Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden Project next Saturday 15th May.  Help us plant an acre of forest garden, edible landscaped loveliness in Woodhouse just a minute walk from Hyde Park Corner. 

Time:  On site from 11am to 4.30pm (or earlier if you want to help get tools etc on site), Come for all or part of the day.

Where?:  Bedford Fields site, woodhouse cliff, woodhouse, leeds, LS6 2. 
Directions:  from Hyde Park Corner crossroads, turn right (if coming from leeds centre) onto Woodhouse Street, take second left (this is very soon after Hyde Park Corner) this is Woodhouse Cliff, (this is a short cul-de-sac leading to city school and footpath to woodhouse ridge), the site is on left after bend in road. 

What we’ll be doing:  Preparing spaces to plant fruit trees, marking out where the trees will go, clearing away brambles (slashing it up with big curvy knives – you can imagine you are beating your way through the jungle if you like) and then laying down mulch.

Also weeding future planting stations for fruit trees to be planted in June/July.  This will involve weeding couch and bindweed roots from the planting stations that are already mulched and installing rhizome barriers – i.e. digging and get your hands in the soil. 

What its good for: de-fibrillating your brain from the complications and stresses of modern life:  computer, work, money worries, traffic, interpersonal issues, polution ….. (fill in blank with other life pressure)  hanging out with nice people in a peaceful spot.  All made nicer using our lovely long-handled tools, a joy to work with.

Food and drink and :  We’ll have a shared lunch on site (some kind of stew maybe, cooked on rocket stove), so bring veg or other stew ingredients to go in the pot or bread or things to put on bread or other food to share. (volunteers to cook lunch on site welcome).  We’ll have means to make tea on site, but bring a mug if you remember. 

Post-workday social
:  If its a nice day we can hang out for a beer on site afterwards, or head down to the Chemic pub for one. 

Weather contingencies:  We’ll be there rain or shine! (unless its absolutely chuckin it) as we will have gazebos to work under if raining.  Last workday it was light rain and it was fine and dandy, thanks to gazebo protection.  If weather really abismal then may re-arrange for the Sunday if that better.  Bring waterproofs, sunhat, its that time of year don’t know what to expect.  Gloves and tools provided. 

What to Bring (summary):  Food to share, mug, waterproofs, sunhat, friends!

Get yourself on the contact list for the project:  for up to minute low-down on Bedford fields workday arrangements.  Drop me an e-mail, include your phone no., or send me a text and include your email (my e-mail is joannadornan a yahoo.co.uk and my mobile no is 07923 221268) .  This way I’ll let you know of all future workdays and if there are any last minute re-arrangements, for example due to weather.

Survival Tales

Survival Talesa performance and workshopby Eirlys Rhiannon and Natasha MachinThursday 13 May 20107pm (please note no admission to the show later than 7.30pm)Cornerstone Housing Co-op40 Sholebrooke Avenue, Leeds£5 (no-one turned away for lack of funds. .)Places need to be booked in advance – just email contact@survivaltales.org.ukWhat’s it all about?  See www.survivaltales.org.uk


To survive in this world, we each create stories. Our stories affect people around us, and in turn we get affected by thestories we hear and see every day. But there’s a new – and old – challenge looming: to realise that˜how we live™ is also ˜how we kill’. This challenge is phenomenally frightening. To protect ourselves, we create safe stories: ˜the scientists arelying’, ˜the government will sort it out’, ˜this product willhelp. But the challenge remains. We need to decide how we live “ but how do we make decisions?  Is thisversion of democracy the best we can do?  Whos in charge?  Can we trustany of our solutions?Can we learn anything from history?  And does anyone have a super-herocape in my size? How do we tell the noose and the lifebelt apart?


Survival Tales is a series of performance events taking place in unusualvenues (living rooms,community gardens, social centres).  Each event has two parts:- a performance featuring personal stories and songs- a short workshop about how we make our survival stories Touring selected parts of the UK during Summer 2010Contact us for booking details:www.survivaltales.org.uk Produced in association with Trapese Popular EducationCollective, with assistance from Artist Project Earth

Food Inc. Showing TONIGHT!

A really important Film You Must See, and a reminder why green action is SO Important! Hyde Park Picture House. 6pm http://www.hydeparkpicturehouse.co.uk/index.php?showing=1599#now-showing Lifting the veil on the powerful interests at the heart of US agriculture, FOOD, INC. gives a revelatory insight into a world that big business would rather we didn’t see. Shot through with black humour and smart visual effects, the film is as entertaining as it is informative, following the journey of our food from seed to supermarket. This is a process defined by industrial systemisation, economic exploitation and political collusion. The new mantra is ‘fatter, bigger, cheaper’, as a cabal of major corporations present the illusion of choice while squeezing the life out of the competition, the countryside and, ultimately, the planet.