Tatting Leeds Festival for asylum seekers

Thousands of tonnes of good camping equipment, clothes and other materials are going to be dumped after Leeds Festival. We’re planning to do something about it to help both the environment and those in desperate need of it. A new group SolAIDarity (well an off shoot of ATC and other groups) has formed to go to festivals and tat down stuff and redistribute
it to various good causes – in particular to the migrants in Calais.

We have negotiated permission to go to several festivals – and have already taken lorry load of stuff from Glastonbury. Leeds Festival is next on the agenda, so if you want to get involved in this great project then let us know. If you are up for volunteering with us on 1st & 2nd September (Monday & Tuesday) and especially if you have a vehicle we can
load up, then please get in contact. If not, then consider a donation towards the cost of fuel…

If you know of anyone who might be interested or can provide us with vans, etc, the please forward this on.

Contatct solaidarity@hidinginthebushes.org.uk for more info