Clothes Swap & Auction in aid of ‘Women Asylum Seekers Together’

i all-

STAR (Student Action for Refugees) are looking to raise some money for WAST (Women Asylum Seekers Together), which is a Leeds based group that is seeking extra funding for various projects they have in the pipeline, and we can help out.

Please pop along on Thurs 4th @ 7.30pm for free drinks, snacks and an all-round good cause.

All you have to do is bring a few items of clothing/accessories/shoes

that you no longer want (atleast two please), plus a wee bit of cash, one of which we shall donate to the ladies at WAST, the other we shall auction of to the rest of you! (we’re talking a few quid, nothing too heavy!)

Hope to see as many of you as possible

(for information about location, please contact

Hallowe’en Themed Critical Mass

Come to Critical Mass this Friday the 29th October in your best Hallowe’en attire for a fun bike ride around town.

Meeting Millennium Square at 5.30pm.

We ride through Leeds for 30 mins to an hour, where cyclists are often considered second class road users. We are vulnerable on a bike but together we are stronger. 
We hope to raise awareness for:

  • the benefits of cycling
  • the need for more buses
  • the need for more cycle lanes
  • cutting down the need for driving
  • the fact that cycling is fun!

It is not about making cars go slowly behind us, it is a creative celebration of cycling trying to encourage the cars stuck in traffic to join us.

We aren’t BLOCKING traffic – Together we ARE traffic

See you there.

Green Action Minutes 26/10/10

Radical Routes
Winter Trip
Buy Nothing Day
Food Co-op
Critical Mass
Radical Routes
Explanation of what an associate and full member entails. We are an associate member.
20th-21st November –Manchester meeting
Next meeting in February in Brighton
The agenda of the Manchester meeting is to be available 26th or 27th October.
Cath from Cornerstone is willing to give a RR talk to GA.
GA budget discussed
Action Point – Everyone who wants to go finds their own way of getting there. Budget of £150 to go towards subsiding travel/food for people going on trips: £100 towards Brighton, £50 towards Manchester
To help set up Co-ops in Glasgow and Manchester
Last year’s idea discussed- Vegetable Band night at Common Place
Badge/tote bag design discussed.
Action Point- Green Action competition to create the design
Make jam to sell in the Co-op. Gauthier to run a jam making workshop on 4th or 5th December. Food hygiene legalities discussed and risk involved in an audit. Tim to stand aside on the decision to risk it.
Action Point – Green Action will fund £20 for Emma to attend a food hygiene course, therefore allowing the sale of homemade jam in the co-op
Green Action Social to occur at the Common Place 9th November
Action Point- Charlie and Emily agree to organise bands and DJs. Nikolai also available to DJ.
Bring a Dish at Ellie’s date TBC
Action Point-Ellie  Email to be sent out to GA list confirming date and place.
Buy Nothing Day
Set up a Free Shop in Leeds 27th November
Discussion of past Buy Nothing Days
Action Point- Nikolai to set Buy Nothing Day meeting to be organised date TBC. Emails sent out to other groups who may be interested e.g. P&P
Food Co-op
Do we sell Ecover washing up liquid as has been found not to be vegan.
Discussion of possibility GA only sells Bio-D. Discussion of ethical implications of Ecover.
Action Point- Tim Check all non food stuffs are vegan
Action Point- Tim Organisation of a solely Food Co-op meeting date TBC
Discussion on where is best to go, how much to pay for a cabin, suitable organisations to book cabin with. Dales or Lakes good possibility. Estimation of 10 people to attend.
Action Point- Emma and Nikolai to find place. Dates set to 11th-12th December
Critical Mass
29th of October, 5.30 Millennium Square