GM-crops returning to the UK, and Leeds university in particular…

GM is set to return to the UK, despite no addressing of safety concerns since we last refused it.

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But in general…

10 years ago direct action and society-wide campaigning in the UK prevented commercialisation of GM crops in Britain.  The EU laid down a "moratorium", a sort of wait-and-see, and that wait-and-see time is now over.

In the past 10 years GM companies have worked hard on public opinion, worldwide, and many people believe that GM crops have greater yields and will help feed the world’s poor, but these are myths.


In reality GM is about concentrating control and profit into rich corporations.  Resistance to GM is extremely vocal in the global south.  For example Via Campesina represents 300 million peasant farmers, who are astonishingly unified in their rejection of seed-patenting, "Round-up" dependancy, or a reduction of the natural gene stock.

GM is a failing industry in the US, so its owners are desperate to sell it to Europe, before we also work out that it just doesn’t work.  Last year the number of farmers growing GM in the US went down, not up for the first time, and the Cornish farmer Michael Hart has made a persuasive film about the faillings of the industry called "Farmer to Farmer". 

There are two crop-trials planned for the UK this spring, one near Leeds and one near Norwich.  More may come to light.  Keep an eye on


Allotment design and seed ordering session.

Dear Greenaction/Allotmenteers,

We will be holding a New Year planning session on the Greenaction Allotment 
this Friday 28th January. Come and meet us down there from 12 – 3pm 
to get a copy of the keys and help plan the SEED ORDER and tasks for Feb.
If you aren’t sure how to get there, give me an email back and I can meet you at uni.
Bring a warm coat and your thinking cap.
Don’t worry if you can’t make it as there will be regular tasks and dig-days coming soon.
Also let me know when is a good time to meet?