Take part, take action: LEEDS What’s bugging you? And what are you going do about it?

“If only ‘they’d’ get on with it” … “Before ‘they’ did that, things were great” …


“We’re sick of promises that aren’t kept” …  “I can’t do this by myself” …

If you find yourself saying stuff like this, and want to help make a difference in your community or city, come to Take Part, Take Action

Saturday 19th March 2011    10am—4pm


at Dyson’s Chambers, 12-14 Lower Briggate, LS1 6EP (the old Job Centre)   

Take Part, Take Action is about meeting like-minded people, talking and thinking about the changes we want to make, sharing ideas and stories, getting inspired, and finding support.



We’re offering free ongoing short-term support including:


·         training to set up and run community projects


·         specialist support to help you get your project idea or campaign going


·         small pots of money to help you get started


·         opportunities to get involved in established community projects

You don’t need special skills or experience – just a desire to see things change. Coming to the day doesn’t commit you to anything… but you might just meet some great people and end up changing your community.

Lunch provided – tell us your special dietary requirements. Bring cake to share, if possible.

And please book in by emailing hello [at] t4p [dot] org [dot] uk or calling 0113 350 8085.


Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there.

Bike Maintenance Workshop

Join STAR (Student Action for Refugees) for a Bike maintenance workshop in the Velocampus Hub.

Short Introduction to how to keep your bike healthy & happy, as well as an opportunity to work on it with the help of some experts!

Learn about STAR’s bike project which recycles second-hand bikes with asylum seekers. Asylum seekers are often unable to travel due to their allowance of cash-vouchers which restricts their movements and often to leads to isolation or depending on charities to provide travel costs. A bike helps people regain their independance and is also obviously a great way to keep fit and get around.

Come and find out more about our project and learn how to get invovled.

Cost just £1 will cover tea, coffee & cake as well as paying for the bike expert to run the session!

See you there!

STAR Bike project

Allotment fruit tree pruning workshop and FIRE

Dig at the allotment from 3pm on Saturday till the evening. 

We want to do a fruit tree pruning workshop,
prepare the veggie bed ready for planting and share out seedling and planting tasks.
Come down with snacks, gloves, musical instruments and any dryish firewood you’ve got hanging around.
Once it starts getting dark we’ll light a fire (just as long as its not to rainy)
See you there,


Event – GM Crops discussion with Stop GM activist

 Event – GM Crops discussion with Stop GM activist

When: Wednesday 23rd February, 5pm-6.30pm
Where: In the Treehouse which is behind The Lounge at the back of Leeds University Union.

People & Planet invite activist Nicki Taylor from Stop GM to talk about
the controversies surrounding GM Crops – which is funded by Leeds University.
Bring your questions, conflicts and ideas to this particapatory session.

People & Planet