The Future of our NHS?

Since 1948 healthcare in the UK has been free at the point of use, aimed to provide accessable, equitable, and affordable healthcare. Everyone has had some experience with the NHS, and whilst not perfect, we the public have been safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens, there is free universal healthcare we can turn to. 
However, the NHS is changing. On the 19th of January the Health secretary, Andrew Lansley, released the 367 page ‘White Paper’, a radical proposal of change for our Healthcare. The British Medical Association (BMA) fears the reform to encompass elements of privatisation, will lead to the loss of the NHS’s ability to provide a comprehensive and universal service. It’s full  of strong promises to liberalise, modernise, and transform the NHS. However, explanations of the actual changes have  been convoluted and difficult to understand. What are the changes planned? Is this massive upheaval beneficial for the doctors and patients? And how will the changes effect you as a user of healthcare? 
Wendy Savage, co founder of "Keep Our NHS Public" and prominent figure in the BMA, will be giving an educational informative talk on the reforms proposed by the health  secretary, their implications on the NHS and their impact on your healthcare.


The co-op is moving so come and help us move everything from the cupboard we all know and love into its Easter hibernation slumber room whilst we start work on our new space. We’ll be there from 12pm onwards and the whole day will be filled with reminiscing over old photos, taking new pictures, discovering what lies behind the fridge, playing "how many people can you fit in a co-op", playing "how many people can you fit in a co-op when there’s no stock in it anymore", taking down shelving, and maybe some tears.

There wont be a delivery that day so bring cake for all to make it extra special! And bring instruments as well, why not! Lets make it something really special! Spread the word to all old Green Actioners as well.

We’ll be heading to "The Fenton" (a pub opposite the university on Woodhouse Lane) afterwards in aid of a fundraiser for Royal Park School!


Minutes 10/03/11

Green Action Minutes 10/03/11 6pm, Pack Horse


Feedback from the meeting with the union

We’ll have a contract set up for us all to see, review and send back to them – it’s likely to be for a whole 10 years and include break clauses.

There’s two spaces we should be able to get for storage: either, outside in a caged locked area, or near the lifts where the current cardboard bins are.

The union has lots of stuff stored away in cupboards for us to have, from counters to tills to desks to paint.

They’re also keen on us doing the work

We’re going to document it – who can do this? Camera etc? get in touch


Skill day 17th March 15:00-:1800

York, Durham, Newcastle, Manchester to attend but anyone can come.

It’d be great to have newer members of GA to come and share their GA experience.

Tuesday 6pm pre-meeting at the co-op to figure everything out for those interested.

      Molly to email Bristol to come


Sustainability Study Network

Guilia raised attention to a talk on Monday 14th March 4 .00-5.15

      Guilia to put details on GA website



We’re going to combine the Royal Park School Fundraiser on Thursday 31st March in the Fenton with a Green Action “pre party” (?) to commemorate and celebrate some 15 years of being in cupboard. Bring everyone – just say you’re off to Old Bar, we’ll make sure we can still get in to the Bombay Mix!


The Co-op

Wish list



Partially/fully glass

Partially/fully glass top


Electronic scales that tell us how much things are

Two scales, legally allowed scales

Two tills, money calculating



Membership cards

Notice boards

Office space for folders

Glass covered fridge


Speakers/ music system – on the ceiling to save space

Non-clunky step ladder?

Step up to storage?

Paint – all colours

Black Board/Black Board paint

Coloured scoops, for allergies

Sweet jars

Signage – outside as well


Materials for patrician walls


Somewhere to store things before the move

We’re gunna need some!


Point Of Sale displays

Do we display our stock within reach of customers, will the new location be to liable to theft?



We don’t want clutter! – We need some kind of new (reclaimed) storage/display


Better System for Liquids

Either designated measuring jugs or a brand-spankingly innovative system of decanting into customers vessels accurately.


Vertical Storage

Eye level stock display is key – thus with higher shelving we could utilize the knee-level space into storage and minimize reliance on another stock room.


Economy of Fridges and Display Fridges

The new space means we’re able to provide an ethical food choice for students and staff on everyday of the week but will this compromise the footprint of the co-op? Display fridges aren’t very economical, but the pro’s of providing ethical and co-operatively traded food might out weigh this. Thus we’ll explore the energy ratings of various fridges and make a decision as the process goes on.

Either way, we need a better system of advertising what’s in the fridge!

We want an EFFICIENT fridge.



Do we want to serve bread? Price? Who can provide it?


Better Labelling system

Product description; Country of origin; Organic-ness; Price


Induction system

We need a better one. Idea of having an induction day that volunteers must go to to work at the co-op. (See “People’s Supermarket Model”:

“D. Member Induction Session

An induction session for new members is held monthly and these sessions provide an introduction and initial training for all new members. These sessions are voluntary, but all new members are encouraged to attend as they cover key issues that will help you in understanding the people’s supermarket and your important role as a member. The training will cover membership requirements, who is who in TPS management, how shifts are organised, where items are in the store, product lines, how to get more information, and health & safety concerns. These induction sessions are a great way to learn more about the supermarket, get to know other new members and ask questions. The induction is held in the member’s lounge of the store; the People’s Manager will provide you with a schedule of induction sessions.”



We need to know when they are so we can organise.


      Tim to pass on information to the “union people”



Decision to go ahead with a L-shaped counter agreed



If anyone has ideas for the co-op move they should put them in the relative box inside the co-op. They’ll then be brought to meetings and discussed. Drawings, mood boards, pictures