Green Action IT Skillshare

 If you’re interested in how Green Action works on the fanciful device of a computer and want to learn what all these bloody emails are about and how to control them then come along for a lesson in the interweb.


As a non-hierarchical society it’s important that as many of our members as possible are up to scratch with doing things with the website and emails as it is our main vehicle of communication. Learn and be emancipated!


5:30 in Geography West Wing Computer Cluster or meet at 5:15 at the co-op if you don’t know where that is…

Skipping Workshop

Come and learn a little bit about a lot of food waste followed by a trip to the bins themselves.


There’ll be having a short discussion and thought share about issues surrounding food waste in society alongside ways of combatting and coping with it. After the talk there’ll be two trips setting off in different directions – one on bikes and one on foot.


Meet in the "Common Room" (the old union bookshop) on the lower floor of the union at 5pm.

Green Action Meeting

Come along to the first meeting of the year for a chat about what to do in the coming months.

We’ll be discussing everything from the food co-op and allotment through to social change and cake so bring nibbles and all sorts of edible delights to get you through. (we’ll be hanging around afterwards in the pub for a quick drink if you’d like stay longer).

Meet in the front venue room upstairs in the Packhorse Pub (it’s on Woodhouse Lane opposite Leeds University).


Thursday 6th October at 6pm



Green Action Mins 15/09/11


  • The freshers fair stall is Tuesday the 20th in the Riley Smith (Stall 10) from 10 to 4 setting up at 9

-jazz up the coop for the day!

    • make up a veg box and bring sign up sheet to order veg boxes

    • get a banner (“Fruit and Veg on Sale Here”) from Sustain website (Giulia)

    • print Green Guide copies (£ 100): contact Footprint (put GA facebook pace contact on it)

    • laptop to sign people up to the mailing list and become members

    • print application forms (Nikolai)

    • coop open from 12 to 2 all freshers week (Monday Tim, Tuesday Peter and Giulia, Wednesday Nikolai, Thursday Tim and Alex, Friday Rita)


  • workshops:

-homecare and personal care: Giulia on Wednesday 19th of October 5-6 in room 4 in the ARC and on the 2nd of November 6-7,30 in room 3 (both very close to an accessible sink)= turn into events if popular

    • bread-making: Gauthier at Xanadu

    • skipping: Thursday 13th of October meet at 5 by the Coop, then move to a room (to be booked by Tim

    • allotment :Joanna on Sunday 25th of September and 2nd of October: meet at coop at 12 to be at allotment at 12,30


  • flyer with events timetable for freshers: Giulia (content) and Zoltan (graphic)

  • IT induction: Nikolai: Monday 26th 5,30 Geography West Computer Cluster (essential for committee people to go, recommended for anyone who wants to keep websiste updated and have good control of emails)

  • New coop equipment (scales, till, new storage space etc.) induction: Mondays (Giulia) and Wednesdays (Emma) at lunchtime (12-2?) for as long as possible

  • Monday 26th 4,30 pm: Giulia, Emma, Alice: induction with Kay Morrison by the Activities Office (Union, first floor)

  • General (but IMPORTANT!!) communication tips brought up:

    • Advertise more the facebook group (e.g. put it on the flyer)

    • Cut down on emails to discourage attendance

    • Put meetings dates and venues at the top of emails

    • Giulia, Emma and Alice to retrieve unigreen account password

  • First meeting (YAY!): 6 pm Thursday 6th of October at the Packhorse (Tim to book it); the day before (Wednesday the 5th) meet by the coop at 12 to fix the agenda and generally organize

  • 4th of October 5 pm Geography Building Lecture Theatre: Africa Demands Climate Justice talk (brought up by Charlie)