Is the symbol of mindless consumerism: bottled water, set to return to the union?

In the 2008 referendum one of our members Aly put forward the idea to phase out bottled water from the union run shops, and to install water coolers and have reuseable bottles for sale in the shop. Bottled water is hugely environmentally damaging and we felt that students were also being ripped off give it costs 500- 2000 times more than tap water. P&P and Green Action spent hours and hours creating publicity and campaigning to have to phased out, resulting in a record referendum turn out. Our proposal passed with a large majority showing clear student support. We featured in the Guardian and the union is held as an exemplary example of phasing out bottled water.

Now the ban is under threat thanks to our brillant democratic process and one very eager consumer of the bottled stuff.

The next union forum could decide whether bottled water is back. Please come on Monday 17th October 5.30pm in LUU conference room upstairs in the union to show your opposition.

check out this video on bottled water and its impact



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