Bring A Dish

 Dear Green Action,

You are cordially invited to commiserate the passing of summer (ok, it was a while ago, I’ll get over it eventually) by joining us for an Autumn-y feast.
Bring a Dish this Sunday afternoon – 23rd October
At Shadin/Maia/Pascal/Andrey/Joey’s house, 190 Burley Road.


GA Mins 6/10/11










Welcome and Introduction





Green Action Ethics are based around 4 mains ideals

-environmental (influence and ethics)

-practical (providing examples of autonomous lifestyles)

-educational (Reaching beyond the student body)

– community (Cooperative social hub with community members)




Matters Arising




  • Thursday is delivery day and at present is under staffed. The 12-2 and 2-4 shifts need some extra support. Ideally 3 people per shift on this day;


  • Volunteer Mailing List

Means to communicate with fellow co-op volunteers regarding all practical issues e.g. Shift cover, broken till, missing items etc

The list is


  • Volunteers book

Log any issues/comments where volunteers can check at the beginning of shift instead of using scraps of paper.


  • Wish List

Weighing bowl



Tea spoon – old bar?


Measuring jug


Stackable glass jars for spices

N.B. Cleaning products are kept in a tin under the till

If you’re available please sign up on the timetable in the Co-op (positions now filled, but new volunteers should check the rota for available shifts)

To be added, send your email address to the list





Ben from the union can try to source these things if we give him the list. Send to


News and Updates




Transition group for the Headingley and Hyde park area

Representative Lisa from TINWOLF is trying to reignite the Transition University campaign. They will send through a list of upcoming events to put on the GA Calendar

  • Green Impact: Uni campaign to make things ‘greener’. Linked with all departments so sign up if you are interested in being a representative.

For more information see

Also check out the insulation scheme that is part of university policy insulating your homes.



Check out their website for news and regular meeting times









Reclaiming the library back from the Peanut Gallery. Looking for more books to stock the library trolley in the Co-op; preferably books with environmental, nature, outdoors, food themes.

Alix has catalogued all the books and magazines. List can be found in the admin draw, soon to be available via the GA website.

If someone is interested in borrowing a book, need to take their name, student no., email and £5 deposit (which should be kept separately from other cash)

A reminder email about returning the book will be sent out 2 weeks after they have borrowed the book.

Introduced a book loan system for people that want to share a really good book, but for a definite period of time. The book will be recorded in the catalogued and can be reclaimed whenever required.


Lots of existing books are in the book swap outside the Hidden Cafe. Blackwells are currently slightly possessive about books that previously belonged to GA.


Volunteers please remember to put the trolley back into the co-op if you have a closing shift.










Ben (LUU Community Officer) will talk to them about return




The Space project

Brought to you by the Really Open University

Looking for groups and individuals like GA that are interested in using the space to hold a workshop, film, talk etc. They welcome all ideas so if anyone is interested get in touch. Check out their Facebook page for more info





Green Representation in the Union
LUU Exec want feedback on how they can support sustainability/green societies linked to the union. At present there is no one dedicated to green issues therefore need lots of input from the likes of us to make sure that sufficient energy is being directed towards green issues.


If you have any comments, questions or feedback email ben





Radicalising Green Action

Push within the society to become more actively involved in campaigns this year to make sure that we are not exclusively recognised for running the Food Co-op. Ideas so far:

  • Leeds No Borders Group – network throughout Europe against human migration control
    Next meeting: Wednesday 12
    th October 7pm at the Space (37 Mabgate Green)

  • Utilising the grant available to get speakers to do talks preferably regarding empowering campaigns.

  • Just Do it
    Film Screening: 18
    th October 7pm at The Lounge (in the union)

  • West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs – anti fox hunting demonstrators
    First meet will be Saturday 22nd at the train station at around 7am –speak to tim for info






Anyone know of a speaker?

Speak to Tim if you’re interested (tb773 [at]



Skipping Workshop
Meet: Thursday 13th October, 5.30pm in the Common Room
Initial explanation of skipping, the legalities and technicalities followed by real life practise from 6-6.30. There will be a mixture of walking and cycling tours.

N.B. if you notice that the Union is throwing away sandwiches in their bins, then please notify Ben

Contact Tim is you are available to lead a group



Radical Roots Gathering – 12-13th November
Radical Roots provides advice and support for other coops (of which GA is an associate member). They are holding their Quarterly Gathering in Nottingham, a great opportunity to engage in exciting workshops, conversations and cooking.
Transport £15 subsidised bus, GA to put £50 aside for travel costs depending on level of interest
The food and accommodation is approx £5

See Tim if interested in going



Bread Making Workshop
Sunday 27th November, 4pm, location TBC but most likely in a cosy house in Woodhouse





Food coop Inductions for new volunteers.
If you want to work a shift please ensure you turn up early for your shift and ask the previous people to explain what to do. Call Tim or Guilia (number in the coop) if you need help.




Decorating the shop

Date TBC for painting more leaves on the tree






  • Need another signatory for the committee for signing out money.
    Cash inductions; Tuesday and Thursdays 3pm, Meeting Room 4 Union

  • Membership Book Missing??? Has anyone seen it?

  • Bring in CDs to play while people are on their shifts

Please contact Emma or Alice



Next Meeting

6.00pm Thursday 20nd November 2011, upstairs in the Packhorse Pub





Pedallers Arms Opening

Pedallers Arms (not Peddlers Arms) will be opening in our new home on Mabgate Green (click for map)!

We’re really excited to be getting going again, and hope that you’ll come down and join us on our first day of opening. We’ll be there from 4pm until late ish.

Our new opening hours from 10th October onwards will be Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 – 8pm.
There will be a women and trans gendered session on the 3rd Sunday of every month, 12 – 5pm.

We’re also thinking about socials, rides, on-road training, basic maintenance courses, and one-day courses focused on specific skills.

Better union forum: crucial decisions on Nestle, bottled water and plastic bags in union shop!

There have been proposals to bring back bottled water, unethical Nestle products and introduce biodegradable plastic bags in the essentials shop! What is the union coming to? Come along to argue against these unethical proposals. Come armed with some statistics/facts if you can to back our arguments. The more there showing clear oppostion the more likely we are to win the arguement