Food Ethics Meeting

 Following on from the EGM held last week, we decided that Green Action needed to evaluate where the co-op food comes from. If you’re interested in discussing airmiles, ethics and pesticides then come along and join the debate!


We’ll be in the Common Room in the Union (the space next to the Hidden Cafe), from 6pm onwards. 

Mincemeat Making Workshop (for mince pies)

 On Tuesday 22nd November there will be a mincemeat making workshop in the Union. So if you fancy preparing the innards for some lovely vegan mincepies then come along! 

You’ll need to bring jars/containers for the mincemeat, and a spoon. We’ve ordered lots of ingredients so the amount we make is up to the amount of people who turn up and how much you would like. We’ll be requesting donations be made to Green Action, depending on what you think an appropriate amount

It’s going to be in the Union, in room three. That’s up the stairs and along the corridor, follow signs to the ARC. Alternatively, meet us outside the co-op at 6:50 so we can take the ingredients up there. 



Women and trans bike maintenance session

At Pedallers Arms this Sunday we’re having our second ever drop in
bike maintenance session for women and trans people. If this is you,
you’re very welcome to come along any time between 12 and 5. This
month we’re also having a special session on brakes to kit you out for
the cold, wet months so if you’d like to be there for that then come
down at 1pm. Would be nice to see you especially if you haven’t been
to the new space yet, the last session was really lovely.
If you’d like to read more about women who fix their own wheels you
can do on this ace blog –

Also we’re having a wheel sorting day on Sunday 27th. If you’d like to
come help us sift through our mountainous wheel collection and learn a
bit more about what a dented rim or baldy tyre looks like, come down
between 12 and 5.

Details of where we are on the website

Hope to see you soon 🙂