Radical Routes Gathering: Auntum

Hello Green Actioners,
If you want to go to the Radical Routes Gathering this is what you should know:
– There’s a workshop on what constitutes social change and why it matters in the context of RR on Friday 11th at 5pm
– The gathering proper doesn’t begin till Saturday 12th at 9am
– The gathering will end on Sunday 13th at 2pm
For more info on RR check out http://www.radicalroutes.org.uk/
Thus, I propose three main options regarding outward travel arrangements:
1.) Get the 13:00 coach on Friday 11th from Leeds to Nottingham arriving at 15:10 (£6.50 without a "coach card") – in time for the meeting
2.) Get the 18:40 coach on Firday 11th from Leeds to Nottingham arriving at 20:45 (£7.50 without a "coach card") – in time for bed
3.) Get the 09:00 train on Saturday 12th from Leeds to Nottingham arriving at 08:02 (£7.25 with a railcard) – in time for the start of the gathering
I also propose getting the following return journey:
1.) Get the 15:35 coach on Sunday 13th from Nottingham to Leeds arriving at 17:45 (£8.50 without a "coach card")
(I also have 1 one-way ticket to Nottingham from Leeds via train with bike storage leaving at 14:15 arriving at 16:30 – get ready to pedal! – if anyone wants it, price: £6ish with a railcard)
Whatever you decide to do (and feel free to make your own arrangement – never listen to the man) you must book it yourself and act quickly, prices are on the up! Plus, we need to let them know how many people are coming.
Remember there is also a cost of between £5-£10 for food and accommodation (expect a floor and your own sleeping bag).
Money reimbursement is subject to how many GA members come. As such expect some reimbursement but not all, that way you wont be disappointed 🙂
Please email me (tb773 at hotmail.com) and cc "greenaction@lists.riseup.net" with your plans and or questions.


My beloved fellow GActioners, 

the minutes from last night’s meeting are here for you to read. Please spare a couple of minutes to have a look at them, cause a few important issues have been raised, especially the fact that an EGM (EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING) WILL BE HAPPENNING SOON, to discuss issues such as:



We’ll be agreeing on a date soon via mailing list.


Giulia xxx               

                                                     GA MEETING 3/11/11



          Follow up from last meeting

          Report from last workshop- set up another one?

          Allottment ideas (permaculture visits?)

          Santander meeting

          Environmental groups meeting

          Vegan mince pie workshop

          Honey and other non-vegan products

          Liz Cook charts

          Wild food walks


          Coop only meetings


          Bread making workshop

          Radical Routes



Facilitator: Maia

Minute taker: Giulia

-Maia: recap of consensus. Useful as remainder of how everyone has an opportunity to show their agreement, in order not to get caught in a really lengthy discussion (especially when there are many agenda points); explanation of direct points etc.

– Feedback from last week actions:  1) tally system working well (Freya: adding exact week of when products got requested to keep people more informed)

2) Neil has looked into soap dispensers, but nothing happening as yet

3) Union non-food storage space: still waiting

-Soap making workshop on the 15th Nov evening: Freya and Giulia (amended after EGM date suggestion- TBC as a consequence)

– Celia: visits to permaculture sites. Clarification on what permaculture is. Permaculture for the allotment? Not necessarily, maybe just site visits to get inspiration/visit as a trip (application process to becarried out by Celia). To be mentioned at allotment meeting. Permaculture Network meetings interesting as well (next on the 9th   of Nov)

– Tim: need for an allotment coordinator/hub, whoever interested talk to Celia after the meeting (she’s willing to be a member of the hub)

– Ben Fisher to organize a meeting with Santander, GA and P&P on ethical banking policies: whoever interested to get in touch with him, take part and then report to the closest GA meeting

Union and Uni environmental groups meeting 2nd Nov: Leeds Goes Green Facebook page with admin from each green society as an outcome—fb based SO should GA be on fb again? Or should Leeds Go Green et similia be fed into the mailing list? Would it be to info laden?

EGM for fb group + honey (and any other business): doodle for it, but potential date 15th , 17th of November Freya to set it

– Mince pie workshop on the 22nd  5 pm TBC- Giulia to book Union room, Freya to run and email people about material requirements

– Maia: reiteration of importance of membership and membership cards- research into Peanut Gallery business cards (old ones which got stamped), now all gone SO either none , or brand new or made from scrap paper (about 160 needed)

Becky: ask businesses for extra business cards?

Tim: ask Cornestone for recycled paper?

A large stamp costs 30 quid, Maia would buy it and get money from memebership account

Logo! Someone to design it please!!!

          Have specific coop meetings: when? They are necessary as a space to talk, but  may not be well attended. Have them monthly, set a date (Giulia to do it), just one before Xmas

– RR: talk to Tim after the meeting to attend the gathering on 12th-13th  Nov

          Pascal: strengthen the bond with Lembas, meet them (in 2010 Christmas trip there cycling)

– Skipping: issue with the Union. Lots of fresh food left, despite the homeless charity policy (just happening on Friday, not Mon-Fri)- to be documented with pics, someone has already done so and sent them to Ben Fisher- do so again please!!

          Tim to do other skipping workshop around week 9

          Maia: wild food walks with a charity managed by a PhD student, 8 pounds each for three hours in the morning- interesting to look into

          Educational posters (nutrition, yoga positions etc.) by Liz Cook to be stocked by the coop- can purchase them by asking Maia for yourself

          New exciting hand signal created to adjourn the meeting!! Do a triangle with your hands and then point!! We are really being agents of social change, aren’t we?? 😀 😀


Hyde Park Neighbourhood Food-Growing Project – workdays

The project aims to turn small household gardens in the Hyde Park area into foof-growing spaces.

Motivated mainly by the need to source our food more sustainably – meaning that urban spaces of all kinds need to be put to use for food-growing – the project has other positive outcomes: increased neighbourliness and more sharing within the community; a contribution to saving money at a time of rising prices, in an area where most people are on low incomes; high visibility (unlike allotments, it can be seen from the street, and this helps create local interest and bring in new participants); it doesn’t need much money or organisation, so anyone can reproduce it anywhere; potentially, it can help bring together the students and longer-term residents who share this area.

Currently there are about 16 plots in use, belonging to local residents. With more people involved in the work, this could be extended indefinitely, and take in lots of the landlord-owned properties used by students.

Workdays are every first and third Sundays of the month, from 11am onwards. On these days there will always be someone there to meet you and show you around/give you an idea what needs doing. However, once you’ve been/made contact, you can arrange to come at other times, and you might want to take on one or more plots independently/with friends.

Meet at 50 Kings Road, LS6 1NU – or if you arrive later phone 07930 966205 to find out where people are. You can also phone Ellen on 0113 3681999 to fix up an alternative time to come and look around/do some work.

Shared Planet Oxford

 Join People and Planet in Oxford for the UK’s largest student gathering for global justice activism. 

A range of amazing and inspiring talks, workshops and discussions. Comedian Robin Ince will be there as well as veteran human rights and LGBT activist Peter Tatchell and many more.

See http://peopleandplanet.org/ for information and tickets

Some of us are travelling down there on Mega bus get in touch on the P&P FB group if you’d like to join us. 

Sustainability Action Group presents: Belle Vue Rendezvous a bicycle powered film showing

 Come along and pedal your way through Belle Vue Rendezvous a fantastic french animated film about cycling, with subtitles.

Donation of £2 on the door to raise funds for the Sustainability Action Group’s bee hives, which will be situated on campus near the School of Earth and Environment.

 Rupert Beckett Lecture theatre in the Micheal Sadler building.

5pm start