Rossport Fundraiser

A night to celebrate 11 years of resistance to Shell in County Mayo.

Film, food, discussion and Irish & folk music. 

A fundraiser and info night for Rossport Solidarity Camp. 

Acoustic sets from Katherine Miles (note: change from Ewan McLennan) and Danny (of Tiny Tin Lady

Film: Pipe Down (now showing earlier at 6:30pm)

Discussions: Update on the campaign, questions and answers about Shell to Sea, life on the camp and actions

The Corrib gas project is the extraction of a natural gas deposit off the northwest coast of Ireland. The project includes constructionof a natural gas pipeline and a gas processing plant. Opposition to the plans among local residents have grown since 2000 when local residents were bullied by Shell and the government forced the planning permission through. The pipeline is experimental andpotentially dangerous especially running so close to their town.
In 2005 five locals refused Shell access to their land and were jailed at the request of Shell. Since then the Garda (the police force in Ireland) and Shell's private security have used force and intimidation to silence the local community, buy off people who could be bought and beating or jailing people that could not. At later protests masked men (most likely Shell) hospitalized one of the farmers. The offshore sections of the pipe were laid in the sea by the Solitaire. When local fishermen resisted a fisherman's boat was boarded by four masked men and sunk leaving the fishermen in hospital.  Many people in the area have been resisting for years andare very happy to receive outside support. There is a constant camp called the Rossport Solidarity Camp where people can go andsupport the local struggle.  

Come along to find out more about the campaign and to enjoy a night of celebration.



Calling All Guerilla Gardeners!

If you would like to help plant some apple trees on the park near the allotments, meet me at the Green Action Allotment on the Woodhouse Moor allotment site on SUNDAY 12th FEBRUARY at 11:30 AM.

Some tools will be provided.  Bring a spade if you have one and wear sturdy shoes or boots.

If frost or snow are forecast this will be postponed until another day because fruit tree roots are easily damaged by frost.




come ladies come gents, come anyone inbetween

come gather come hither there is much to be seen

come hear a fantastic and wonderous tale

to entertain all on this winter wassail!


The evening will start at 19.00 with songs round the apple tree, a traditional wassailing ceremony followed by circle dances (download sheet music at the bottom of this page).  Then Leeds very own Mummers, The Applebottom Players will entertain the crowd with an apple tale. There will be Leeds Urban Harvest cider and juice for drinking! Please bring your own cider to share, lanterns for the Wassail Procession, songs, instruments (see sheet music at the bottom of this page) and cups to drink from!


On Woodhouse ridge, see for exact location on a google map.




Nonviolence for a Change – Don’t just sit there! Exploring direct action




 21 January 2012: Don’t just sit there! Exploring direct action


Nonnviolent direct action targets property, infrastructure or groups or person(s) deemed to be doing harm, or perpetuating a system of injustice. It may mean breaking the law and risking arrest, but as well it may not. Discerning what role in the action is right for you is an important part of the process. In this workshop we’ll look at questions such as this and how to prepare for taking action.



Friends Meeting House, Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield, HD1 4TR (wheelchair accessible).  10am to 5.15pm.

Part of  a year-long course where some spaces for one-day participants are reserved. Booking is essential. Fee is £35 per workshop, and concessions available.


For more information see our website:


Or call:020 7663 1061 & 1064


Grassroots at TJs 20th Jan

20th of January 2012

GRASSROOTS at TJs Woodhouse Club, Leeds, LS6 2JH



Me and My Friends (with new up-beat material)

Manuka (Swing ska fusion)

Tantz (Jazzy klezma with a dub groove)

Behla (Heart warming lady folk)

With Dub and Reggae support from grassroots residents: Jedi Pete and Vital AV plus MC Lady Dee!