Kaba PC co-op opening, Burley

Spread the Co-op Love!

You are welcome to our opening day:
Saturday 31st of March 2012, 10am – 4pm
Join us for a cup of tea and coffee and find out about our organisation and our new shop

Who we are:
Kaba PC is a non profit cooperative computer recycling organisation since 2010.
Our goal is to reduce computer industry waste by repairing, reusing and recycling discarded electronic material.
We have different activities:
● Recycling ● IT Training
● Computer Sales ● Repairing
● Free Internet Café ● Volunteer opportunities


66 Burley Lodge Road, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1QF
Buses: 19, 19A, 49, 50
0113 350 20 07


Traveller Solidarity Network Infotour

1in12 Library
21-23 Albion Street
Bradford BD1 2LY

Many Gypsies, Roma and Travellers face harassment and repression and suffer forced evictions for who they are, and for leading the lifestyle they have lived for centuries.

The Info Tour is touring the country in March building links between local activists and traveller sites, to resist repression and discrimination.

More info at http://travellersolidarity.org/

Coal Action Scotland infotour at The Space Project

Coal Action Scotland are touring the UK to mobilise against Scottish
Coal’s plans for a 4 million tonne opencast coal mine at Glentaggart East.
This mine is one more of many that have ravaged the Douglas Valley over
the years, and with South Lanarkshire Council once again approving a
Scottish Coal mine despite huge objection to it the stage is set for a
showdown in South Lanarkshire.

Coal is still a massive issue in the UK – despite some victories against
opencast mines and both Scottish Coal and UK Coal being on the brink of
collapse, more and more coal is burned and mined every day. This is
disastrous for communities and ecosystems, but capitalism’s dependence on
cheap and dirty fossil fuels means that the struggle must continue!

Come to find out more and be inspired! There will hopefully be some sort
of food involved. Maybe even cake.

Food Co-op minutes 1/3/12

Green Action Food Co-op minutes 1/3/12

Present: Sinead (note-taking), Tim (mediating), Rosie, Neil, Freya, Alice, Polly, Sarah R, Jess, Pia, Sarah, Val

Motions discussed from suggestion list in co-op:

  • Buying scoops for oats/muesli
  • Ideas for recycled scoops, make one out of an old milk carton – PASSED
  • Buying more funnels
  • Necessary for 1 x vinegar, 1 x oil, 1 x body cleaning, 1 x industrial cleaning – PASSED
  • Agreed that funnels must be washed out after each use, please take on board!
  • Request for a sink
  • Nearby sinks in the lounge and girls toilet sufficient, not enough space in co-op
  • Poster suggested to demonstrate routine for cleaning funnels/bottles/scoops etc
  • Request for a kettle
  • Cluttering and not entirely necessary as shift only 2 hours long – health and safety concerns raised
  • Perhaps campaign for Peanut Gallery to re-open instead – FAILED
  • Buying a measuring jug for liquids
  • Suggested 1 x consumable liquids, 1 x non-consumable liquids – PASSED
  • In line with awareness of need to wash it up after use like funnels
  • Request for tea towels
  • Unnecessary and cluttering, as no need for them before no need for them now
  • Buying tongs
  • Neil to investigate buying second-hand tongs from property aid

Issues about stocking items

  • Policy on what to order from Lembas
  • Creation of an ‘anti-shopping’ list for people to suggest what not to stock and a reason why; if you make a suggestion, please come to the next Food Co-op meeting in order to discuss it
  • To be raised at the AGM
  • Stocking ‘Lippy’ magazine
  • Suggestion to stock the new editions of ‘Lippy’ (feminist-leaning publication)
  • Dependent on what size and style of publication was proposed; no to a big, glossy magazine, but consider at AGM if everyone is agreed to stock a ‘zine (small, non-glossy magazine)
  • Stocking Organic Juice from Leeds Urban Harvest
  • Proposition to stock 3-5 bottles a week initially, £1-£1.50 per bottle (£1 is packaging returned each time you buy more juice)
  • Would need a separate money box to legitimize the bottle recycling scheme (i.e Slug Pie)
  • Tuesday as the proposed delivery day as not busy and has time to sell during week
  • Val as the mediator to organise delivery dates etc. and quantities (start off small)
  • Poster and Flyer policy on stocking
  • Should ONLY be in Co-op if it is in line with our policies e.g. environmental awareness, sustainability etc.
  • Current uni exec campaign – co-op not to display any posters, but emails are allowed from candidates in support of Green Action policies
  • Campaign to remove posters around campus to be organised by Freya (and get lots of lovely blue-tack for the co-op!)

Subsequent general issues raised:

  • Washing up equipment
  • Reminder to please wash up before end of each shift, all equipment under the counter!
  • Personal Order book
  • Food Hub to make ordering date clearer in book so deliveries become less confusing
  • Goosemoor orders
  • Recent confusion around new regional orders clarified
  • All orders are local region by default, therefore it is an ‘opt-out’ scheme rather than an ‘opt-in’ scheme
  • Please please  please check that the customer has paid the right amount and ordered the correct box; fruit box prices are £3 (s), £6 (m), £9 (l), veg box prices are £3 (s), £5 (m), £10 (l)
  • Neil offered to make a poster to help clarify the system J
  • CATS shop redecorating and have offered us storage (e.g. shelves, transparent boxes etc.)
  • Must be measured to fit or perhaps have a hanging option
  • Tim to investigate
  • Radical Routes 25th May
  • Next meeting in May in Scotland, could develop into a Green  Action holiday
  • Potential of group travel up there etc.
  • More information closer to the time
  • Climate Week 12th – 16th March
  • How do we want to be involved?
  • Raise suggestions at AGM


Green Action Minutes 8/3/12

Green Action Minutes 8/3/12

Present: Sarah, Freya, Alice, Kristian, Chris

  1. Lippy ‘no gloss’ magazine
  • Jo, the secretary from Lippy, came along to see if we wanted to stock their new magazine in the co-op. Her reasons were that their values mirror many of ours. The magazine is designed as an alternative to Leeds Student newspaper and Cosmo on Campus and is produced independently. It would retail at £3. Issues – do we have space to stock it? How in line with our ethos is it?
  • Outcome: not enough people present at meeting to make a decision, Jo will come along again to our next meeting or I will bring along a copy of their last issue for more people to make a decision.
  • For more information see: http://www.lippymag.co.uk/
  1. Possible campaign? ‘Part-time Carnivore’
  • Put forward by Freya as a campaign we could potentially support. The idea is to encourage people to gradually eat less meat and consider the ethical/environmental issues with meat production in a transitional way (e.g. by having ‘meat free Mondays’). This links in with a recent proposal to the ‘Better Union Forum’ for a meat free day in the union. Maybe run some vegan cooking workshops/zines with VeggieSoc as a fun way to engage people?
  • Outcome: again, not enough people to properly decide on this! Will bring up again at next meeting.
  • For more information see: http://www.parttimecarnivore.org/ and http://parttimecarnivore.wordpress.com/
  1. Summer Trip?
  • Idea of having a Green Action trip to the next Radical Routes gathering in Scotland at end of May (after exams!). We could camp for a few days surrounding the gathering, go exploring, find some work, go WWOOFING etc
  • Outcome: not much information about the gathering at the moment, just bringing up to see if there is much interest
  • It’s Climate Week next week (starting 12th March)! Freya has booked a stall for Green Action to promote buying local though can’t run it all by herself! If you can come along for an hour or so please do. Freya will be sending out a doodle to organise who’s doing what shifts and on what day.
  1. AGM
  • Yep, it’s that time of year again! We need to sort out our AGM asap. I’m thinking the first week back after the Easter break, again will be sending out a doodle to decide the day though I’m guessing Thursday will be best as usual? PLEASE FILL IN THIS DOODLE ASAP – apparently we have to give a month’s notice for the AGM date