Kaba PC co-op opening, Burley

Spread the Co-op Love!

You are welcome to our opening day:
Saturday 31st of March 2012, 10am – 4pm
Join us for a cup of tea and coffee and find out about our organisation and our new shop

Who we are:
Kaba PC is a non profit cooperative computer recycling organisation since 2010.
Our goal is to reduce computer industry waste by repairing, reusing and recycling discarded electronic material.
We have different activities:
● Recycling ● IT Training
● Computer Sales ● Repairing
● Free Internet Café ● Volunteer opportunities


66 Burley Lodge Road, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1QF
Buses: 19, 19A, 49, 50
0113 350 20 07


Traveller Solidarity Network Infotour

1in12 Library
21-23 Albion Street
Bradford BD1 2LY

Many Gypsies, Roma and Travellers face harassment and repression and suffer forced evictions for who they are, and for leading the lifestyle they have lived for centuries.

The Info Tour is touring the country in March building links between local activists and traveller sites, to resist repression and discrimination.

More info at http://travellersolidarity.org/