Basically we will be having a social! While weeding & turning the soil 🙂 We'll be showing people around the plot and we'll also choose together what to sow this autumn/next spring & where.

Later on in the afternoon there will be a small bbq if it's not raining, so please bring along some food if you can! I'll be bringing some veggie burgers and vegetables anyway, but we might run out if there are quite a few people. Also, I will be taking my barbecue grill but it's a wee bit small, so if any one has a bbq they can lend us for the day, please let me know, send me an email to or give me a call.

First of all when we talk about  'Hyde Park' we mean what Google Maps actually calls Woodhouse Moor (in case any of you in their first year are not already aware). There are 2 allotments in Hyde Park, one is almost bordering the tennis courts (marked no.2 in the map), we're in the other one (no.1). The entrance you want to come to is indicated by the arrow. Let us know if you have problems finding it, or give us a ring in case you get lost on the day:

Luke: 07542437755
Val: 07826715566

The allotment gate will be open from 2pm at least for a while, so that we don't have to go back and forth all the time, and this should make things easier for you as well as you can simply walk in. Coming in from the entrance marked on the map, keep walking down the path and the Green Action allotment is one of the first ones on your left. You won't miss it because we'll be there digging so we'll see you walking past.

Hope your first/second week is going well! And of course hope to see you there this Fri 🙂

PS – Because the soil really needs some work, unless The Empyrean decides to inflict heavy showers or a thunderstorm on us, we are going down to the plot. So in case there is a bit of a drizzle and you're wondering whether it's worth to come along… it definitely is! And you will find us there 🙂

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