GA Minutes 10/10/12


Green Action Meeting 10/10/12


(This is the first time I've done the minutes if anyone has any constructive criticism it would be most welcome!)



-There is some concern about the general lack of volunteers to open the shop

-To solve this:

-advertise induction sessions: friday 11th oct 2-4, tuesday 16th oct 12-2

-put a sign on the shutter when closed letting people know how volunteering works

-Saul to make poster

-get involved with Leeds student society of the week

-Rowan to email


Give It A Go

-We are putting in an application for a give it a go session in semester 2

-A film night on 6th Feb in Common room (opposite hidden cafe)

-Rowan to send application

-With food (type to be decided on)

-Film to be decided on, options:

-story of stuff

-just do it

-our daily bread



-Food inc.


Apple Day

-We are going to have a stall selling some of the food from the co-op at apple day (heart centre 20th October), they have requested good food for kids as we will be near the kids area. Val organising but need some more helpers to man the stall and possibly help take stock up.

-Rowan and Freya offered a couple of hours (also some others but didn't get names sorry!)


Part Time Vegetarian

-We would like to start a campaign to raise awareness for meat free diets in the hope that if an idea similar to meat free Mondays came up in the referendum it would be more successful.

-Ideas-make information leaflet with vegan recipes incl ingredients available from the co-op (plus prices) to send out to all the halls of residence

-visual representation of amount of grain eaten by farmed animals



To start monthly allotment days

-Val and Luke to chose a sunday


That Old Chestnut -Cake

-We do still want cake!

-Val will ring and rearrange deliveries to Tuesdays


Consensus Training

-Now free from Seeds for Change, need about 15 people to attend

-Provisional date 25th November  

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