Give Green Action a Go!

A big thank you to those that came along for the give it a go last night I hope you got a little bit of the vegan snacks and found the showing of Food Inc interesting. We were really happy to have so many people turn out and although we were slightly unprepared, we had amazing cake so prepared enough I think!

Green Action is a society of conscientious motivated people that want to take our food and our future into our own hands. It is healthier, cheaper and makes us happy to know that we are not costing the world or other peoples liberty. There are loads of great opportunities to make really cool down to earth friends and learn lots of life skills as we make this society into our collective dream.

This society is your chance to experience an alternative way of life. Every body helps to make decisions. We all have an equal say in what we do as we operate as a co-operative. This is a liberating and exciting chance to be involved with other students in in an equal and ethical political structure. We have lots of contact with other co-ops around Leeds and the UK, through visits to rural and urban housing and worker co-ops and through workshops and talks we learn a little about this small-scale positive political system.

 Together we run a small not for profit shop, choosing, selling and eating what we want to stock.  We put on workshops on all sorts of things from making your own purse to jam and winemaking sessions.  We have 2 allotment plots on Hyde Park, a beautiful space to escape the city rush and learn the ancient art of growing your own vegetables a place where we can have all night bonfires and build dens. All in all we are passionate about living and promoting healthier alternative to modern life.  

()* the small print

Please join our society and help us to make it a social hub of shared learning, support and fun. No experience, political stance (No dictators allowed!) or money is required (minus a £1 members fee!), just a smile and a motivated heart. There is no commitment to take on any responsibility but our society only works when members come along to our weekly meetings (some existing members need to remember this)! These are laid back socials held in the union or the pub and help us make decisions about what we want to do and how we can make things happen. There are always yummy snacks from the co-op and lots of friendly faces. To become a member Say hello at the food co-op downstairs in the union opposite Interpol and we can tell you more. To keep in-touch with what we are doing send an email to any of the lists bellow, please forwards this massage to anyone who might be interested!

We can’t wait to have your ideas and smiles alongside ours

With love

Green Action     

Love is in the earth!


Thursday brings lots of love into the Green Action calendar! Come to the Hyde Park allotment for some down right dirty valentines digging. What better way is there to freshen up for your romantic evening than with the birds and the bee’s on our beautiful plots. What better conversation could keep the awkward silence at bay than waxing lyrical about how wholesome your morning was and how romantic it would be to spend the summer months tending roses and dozing in front of the bonfire. For the single we can be content and with putting or love into the ground and reaping the rewards at a later date. 

There is a lot to do as we prepare for spring sowing! We have beds to clear, Polly tunnels to find, ponds to design and compost to spread. Please come along, new or old experienced or innocent, we are making it up as we go along and it looks pretty good so far! Meet the other keen beans. We will have hot drinks and snacks wrap up and be prepared for the mud. I will be there at 10ish and I think people might be there all day! I hope to see you there

All the best


The ethics of a beautiful day

Cycling away into the last of the sunshine today I pondered the ethics of less participation for better weather, to work on Saturday or Sunday? Gliding down the last hill right up to my front door my heart was easy. Like soil, water or animal resources a good day should be respected, looked after and even revered. That’s how we treated this beautiful Saturday. Sorry to those that could have made Sunday! I hope you can make the next day that blesses the plots with such generous pride.

We positioned the compost bin and it is now ready for action so don’t all rush at once to fill it with your nutrient rich kitchen waste or we will have too much lush compost for our hungry plants!

The herb spiral got some attention as we uncovered its wonderful form, it was sulking and falling apart smothered by long grasses and cages of last years, long dead and seeded scented remains of perennial herbs. This makes a great centerpiece for the social space at the top of plot 1. We could almost smell the herbs being sprinkled into thick vegetable stew over the fire. In-fact we really could almost feel the fires heat as we looked in envy at our neighbors plot where Chester was stoking a hearty fire. In the coming weeks we will got a fire of our own going. With a bit of a dry spell we can burn all the perennial weeds on a hot bonfire and then rake it in in the evening for a fireside social.  

The most enjoyable part of the day followed the hardest work as you can expect on an allotment! Saul and Holly sawed away at some old ply wood sculpting the crown for the skipped French doors and creating the ends of our very own cold frame. Now I could go to town waxing lyrical about this creation but just look at the pictures!     

The plot is looking forwards to meeting and greeting your hands in a muddy kind of way so come and join the fun next time it is a wonderful space in our city and it is exciting to be transforming it into our own place. No experience required! Oh and did I forget to mention the homemade muffins and banana bread washed down with hot tea. Do you even know how good that tastes on a beautifully crisp winters day? Come and find out!

Ok I’m finished with the ruthless advertising 🙂  

Find some pictures from the day on my facebook although they do not do the colours justice!  –

Allotment session (changed from sunday)

Looks to be beautifull weather! 

Following a productive thursday afternoon and lots of interest in more activities we are meeting for a couple of hours at 2pm. We can start to construct the Polly tunnel finnish the cold frames decide where to put the compost bins along plenty of other things. New people are welcome it will be a good day to see the plots, the more the merrier! if you want any more details contact me (luke) on 07542437755  

Meeting Minutes – 28-01-2013


  1. New stock – raw chocolate and soap

Claire makes vegan, mostly organic raw chocolate that we have decided to stock in the co-op in 2 weeks time with a £15 order. We sampled it… it was delicious.
To come in on Mondays and will need to be put in the fridge, but relatively small.If anybody has any problems please get in touch asap
Sue and Claire are both making (separately) vegan soap. We will stock 5 of Claire’s when she brings them in each at £2-3 (they don’t use palm oil). Sue is going to show us hers in the next meeting.
Sue also has homemade bamboo wash cloths, deodorant and roll on remedies.
Sue makes non-vegan products too (using bee wax) could we have a list of these non-vegan products in the co-op?

  1. More space needed

With all these wonderful homemade products (+Jimmy’s Jams, cakes, apple juice) it would be great to have more space.
Shelving on the outside?
Fold out table from the outside?
Bring ideas to next meeting.

  1. Visit to Luke’s parents housing cooperative

Hockerton Housing project – in Nottinghamshire.
Tour us around at the end of March beginning of April.
If you’re interested get in contact with Alice.K (
Transport – public transport possible with walking involved or renting a van (any drivers?)
Perhaps camping?

  1. GIAG

(I found the email)


Session Name: Food for Thought with Green Action

Date: 11/02/2013

Session Time: 19:30-21:30

Venue: LUU Room 5

Venue booked times: 19:30-21:30

Extras: None


What film do we want to show? Food Inc?
How should we organise food? Want to entice people with food – what we do best
Do a little introduction to green action – food co-op; allotment etc.

Publicity – Posters (Holly) + Facebook event (Is everyone ok with this? – it worked quite well for the induction day) (Alice.S)


Follow up allotment bonfire social – Tell people about it at the GIAG – need date (Luke and Val).


  1. Media


Website – Alice. S talk to Nikolai to organise workshop

  • Spam-blocks
  • Blogs/ message streams to share resources and knowledge

Blackboards – Luke – buy 2nd hand paint

Calendar – Alice. K bring in (Thurs) – to advertise meetings, talks, workshops etc.


  1. Membership cards and email addresses


Put all three email addresses on them
Sue – buy sticky labels and print email addresses

Once in the shop everyone needs to ask for peoples membership cards and put them on them (good way to ensure everyone is a member without feeling guilty for asking)


  1. That old Chestnut cakes


At the moment Alice.K orders every week à tally in the co-op
Alice. K – make poster (Thurs) and put in the co-op so people can cast their vote if they want to each week.
Sue – Bring in tacky-back plastic (Thurs)
Need a washable marker pen – anyone have one?


  1. Tim’s Bike


Saul – make list


  1. Rota copy


Alice’s – make copy (thurs) and scan and put one on the website with links to emails and spare in the co-op draw
Don’t want to lose it again.


  1. Meetings


Every week? We always have too much to say and often 2 weeks is too long between and we lose momentum.
Permanent time – every week switching between Mondays and Wednesdays? 

Are people happy with the Packhorse as a permanent location (folk music on Mondays)


  1. Responsibility and knowledge

Needs to be more responsibility on everyone (not just the food hub) – we are a cooperative who runs by consensus.


Change tone of emails? More pleading – for allotment too – we need more people to attend meetings to make consensus and things to work.
People have lots of knowledge – better to share – especially with regards to foods and associated problems – should we have separate food meetings like last year? Or enough to increase meetings to once weekly and discuss these things more at the meetings?


Need to document things!!!

For people now and for future people (ensure knowledge is passed on) à ‘legacy books’  document decisions, what we learnt, how we did things etc.


Food hub book (food hub) – why we make certain decisions – ensure we’re not becoming disconnected from the food we are buying and not merely following conventions of the food co-op.

(Side action points for Food Hub – Ask Lembas to tell us where the products that don’t have places of origin are from and order in non-caffeine coffee. Should we be ordering in normal coffee?


Allotment book (Val and Luke) – already have one


Finance (Sarah?)


Green Action book (everyone?)
E.g. we should write how we went about our big induction day – what we spoke about, why we did it, structure etc.
Consensus day write up.


These should be accessible online perhaps too?


How to videos?


Talk about in next meeting!!!


  1. Workshops

Allotment workshops – dealing with the produce (Luke) – Jam and wine making

Jimmy workshop? Alice. S email

Claire chocolate workshop – we pay for materials – Claire is keen!

Soap workshop (health and safety?)

Bread workshop


  1. Allotment

Wheel barrow – need new one or fix it – (Luke – need prices)

Shed – collecting materials – any spare doors? Or bits you think may be able to be turned into a shed – dump trip?


  1. Recycling

Do we have a good enough system?

Should we have a separate bin for mixed recycling to ensure none of it is thrown away in general waste? (Sue)

Make the tetra bin clearer – with instruction on it to bring them outside? (Alice.S)

Is there a clear poster in the co-op with what to do with rubbish – if not make one (Alice.S)


  1. Recipe Book

Maybe first collate a collection of recipes online on website in a blog (see website possibilities post-Nikolai) – which we can eventually collate into a recipe book at the end of the year.
Good place to share ideas as well and query about ideas for strange veg box items.



Alice.K – send out persuasive email – let’s get attendance up!!!

Monday 4th or Wednesday 6th? – Alice. S doodle (and then book room)