Doors to success


So after a successful skip raiding session with a really helpful pair of hands and friendly support called out of bed to join in we lugged 4 hefty doors to the allotment. This brings us to a total of 8 doors a substantial amount of wall and roof for some sort of shelter on the plot we will still need more materials so keep your eye out for any more useful materials especially doors which are uniformly a good size for building with. Look forward to an allotment evening of food and planning for this and many other upcoming projects! Looking forwards to seeing you soon have a great Easter! 


Meeting Minutes 7th March 2013




Green Action meeting, 7 March 2013


Present: Saul, Merry, Oliver, Joel, Alice King, Dani, Sue, Meredith, Pascal, Hannah


Minutes by Pascal and Alice K



 – – Let’s Disarm Leeds


The corrupt and seriously dubious weapons company is present at Leeds University in careers fairs and research investments.

There is a referendum beginning 11th March where we can vote on the idea to ban BAE from campus.

Green Action have consensus in supporting the idea to ban BAE from campus




 – – Peace News – funding for subscription

-Newspaper not available in Leeds

-informative, interesting activist groups, positive successful actions all over globe

-would be useful to know what’s going on, instead of other papers

-Green Action subscription to distribute them?

-Where? Green Action co-op, wharf chambers are keen, woodhouse community centre keen, Quaker meeting house – pascal goes there

-wharf chambers – workers co-op club with experimental music,

-10 issues per year

-5 copies £30 of 10 issues

-10 copies of 10 issues £60

-start on 5 or 10 and see how it goes

-ask people to pay for it so that they read it? suggested donation?

-these prices are the bare cost so donations would help – jar?

-saul will check accounts

-meeting had consensus if there is spare money, £1 donation to them

-pascal will send to mailing list

-term is about to end so maybe redistribute to other places while we are n’t here

-saul we make a list of the stuff which come out of the account at which parts of the year

-might add to constitution


Proposal to be agreed at next meeting: Green Action to fund the £60 subscription for 10 copies through a 10 issue period.


Actions: Saul will check the accounts for next meeting.



 – – Should we change suppliers?


Currently the food co-op buys everything from Lembas. Suma, who we used to buy from, ‘dumped us’ for various reasons. Lembas are a small business but there is a possible (mutual) benefit from supporting another workers’ co-op, Suma.


Actions: Saul will contact Suma to see possibility of Green Action using them as our supplier.


Meredith will, from June onwards, contact Lembas to find their views on them changing to a workers co-op.




 – – Members not knowing how to add emails to list


If someone wants to add themselves to the list, the membership book on the cover shows someone how to do it (sending a blank email). If they can’t get to the book, we can email them.




 – – Food Hygiene


Meredith: There are problems! If we were to have a health inspector round, the stall would be closed down. We have a responsibility as selling goods to the public. The serviettes are from the loos. People serve dip in with their hands to serve. The pasties have had mould in. The guidelines on the wall are old and need to be updated.


We had consensus that volunteers should wipe surfaces down and sweep floor – all of these to be done every day


Making a new ‘stuff to do when you’re not busy’ poster?


Actions: Alice to email to everyone about serviettes, and wiping the surfaces + sweeping floor


 – – blue donation tub


There’s a lot in it. Althought it’s not always clear if it is full, when it is bulging obviously it’s too full!


Action: Alice email to people asking them to take excess money to cash office.


Any other business:


 – – serving the public


Meredith: reminder to food co-op volunteers – please be aware of members of public passing and try not to bury your heads in books, which risks passers-by being ignored.


– – Making the ‘We’re not a shop, we’re a co-op’


We could make this poster less angry.


Next meeting:


 – Do we need security about people picking up the shop key?

– Involvement in Green Guide



Oliver will email everyone about meeting next Wednesday at 18h the Packhorse and will book a room