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Welcome to our website (and yours if you want to [[Edit this site|edit it]]).  We want it to become a resource for activists.  Its primary goals are

  • To be a resource for activists with flyers, posters, ideas e.t.c.
  • To help new members of Leeds University see what has been achieved.
  • To show other universities what is possible and encourage help them.

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Here are some of the core documents on this site.

We have two 'Books' which are coherent nuggets of information.

  • [[Green Guide]]: Towards sustainable living in Leeds.
  • [[Things Green Action]]: a manual on how Green Action is run.

[[Alternative Leeds university library]] is a libray of books at Leeds library that are good reads for Green Action members.

[[Alternative Careers Guide]] covers a general overview of what's wrong with the corporate world and then focus on the sectors of Finance, Armaments, Pharmaceutical, Food & Distribution, and Petrochemical. There is also a section on ethical and unconventional careers and work.

Find information about what [[About Green Action|Green Action]] is.  We are trying to find out [[Who is Green Action?]] ourselves which means looking at why we are Green Action members and what is the common underlying philosophy.

One thing we know is that we run a [[About Green Action food co-op|Food Co-op]].  To keep it all working smoothly we have certian [[Roles]].

See how to [[Edit this site|edit this site]], contact us if you are lost or just make new content.

For Green Action photos the best place to upload them is flickr, the password for flickr is:  "b_nnan*ch_ps!" where the "_" need to be replaced with the correct letter (like "s_nd*c_stle!" becomes "sand*castle!").

To join the Green Action [[Membership stuff|mailing list]] send a blank email to:

To join the Food Co-op List send a blank email to:

To join the allotment mailing list send a blank email to:

Check out our calendar for our next meeting and come along!

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