Badidas – Protest against Footlocker


Today a some of us, teamed up with a Leeds Met Green to protest against Adidas who have been refusing to pay $1.5 million to Indonesian workers in redundancy fees. The factory workers were paid back by the other companies using it (including Nike), but Adidas have refused. Only offering food vouchers worth 8% of what they are owed and only being able to use them at supermarkets (unable to spend them on healthcare and education). At the same time Adidas can spend $100 million sponsoring the olympics. We cannot let them get away with this… 

People and Planet had put on a national day to protest outside Footlocker to pressure them to pressure Adidas. There was a great turn out around the country so hopefully together we made an impact. 

People were happy to take our flyers and talk to us. Footlocker had even hired security just for us… so we must be annoying them slightly… hopefully enough!

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