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Welcome to our website (and yours if you want to [[Edit this site|edit it]]).  We want it to become a resource for activists.  Its primary goals are

  • To be a resource for activists with flyers, posters, ideas e.t.c.
  • To help new members of Leeds University see what has been achieved.
  • To show other universities what is possible and encourage help them.

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Here are some of the core documents on this site.

We have two 'Books' which are coherent nuggets of information.

  • [[Green Guide]]: Towards sustainable living in Leeds.
  • [[Things Green Action]]: a manual on how Green Action is run.

[[Alternative Leeds university library]] is a libray of books at Leeds library that are good reads for Green Action members.

[[Alternative Careers Guide]] covers a general overview of what's wrong with the corporate world and then focus on the sectors of Finance, Armaments, Pharmaceutical, Food & Distribution, and Petrochemical. There is also a section on ethical and unconventional careers and work.

Find information about what [[About Green Action|Green Action]] is.  We are trying to find out [[Who is Green Action?]] ourselves which means looking at why we are Green Action members and what is the common underlying philosophy.

One thing we know is that we run a [[About Green Action food co-op|Food Co-op]].  To keep it all working smoothly we have certian [[Roles]].

See how to [[Edit this site|edit this site]], contact us if you are lost or just make new content.

For Green Action photos the best place to upload them is flickr, the password for flickr is:  "b_nnan*ch_ps!" where the "_" need to be replaced with the correct letter (like "s_nd*c_stle!" becomes "sand*castle!").

To join the Green Action [[Membership stuff|mailing list]] send a blank email to:

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Check out our calendar for our next meeting and come along!

Bedroom Tax Demo


In case you haven't heard this Saturday there's going to be a demonstration against the Bedroom Tax, a welfare reform which reduces housing benefit for those in social housing who are deemed to have an "extra" bedroom. This is going to affect thousands of people in Leeds, many of whom will have nowhere to move to due to a lack of onebedroom flats and can't afford to pay the extra rent. The demonstration is organised by an independent, grass-roots campaign that has been building local neighbourhood groups for the past few months.
We'll be meeting at 12 noon at the Art Gallery, followed by a march around town. Here's the facebook event for more info
There's also placard making at Wharf Chambers this Thursday in preparation for Saturday.

Allotment Fun!

taking advantage of the weather to have some sweet sweet allotment times! We'll arrive after the day's work is done at five, do enough digging/planting in the dying light to justify our presence, and then reward our labour. The plan is to cook up a stewy feast on the fire (everyone bring a bowl and something to throw in the pot), and then huddle round the blaze sipping ale and swapping Woodstock stories. What could be better?

Squaring up to the Energy Crisis

An event to get clued up and skilled up to stop the impending fossil fuelled disaster and create a sustainable future.


The arctic is melting. Hurricanes like Sandy are lashing major cities. People in Leeds are dying in their homes because they can't afford to pay their gas bills. West Yorkshire towns are seeing their worst floods in decades. Energy companies are showing their highest ever profits. 21 people shut down EDF's new gas fired power station for a week. It's snowing in March.

It's all linked!

As old coal fired power stations are coming to the end of their life around 2015 crucial decisions are being made about our energy future.

Do we build 40 new gas fired power stations, cover the countryside in fracking rigs in a desperate and dangerous bid to get some domestic gas supply and import the rest from Russia and Qatar, like George Osborne is planning?

Do we extend the life of the old dirty coal plants by fitting new kit to make them marginally cleaner, like the Big Six energy companies want?

Or do we take seriously the option of renewable energy, energy efficiency and challenge the system that says we need to constant economic growth and the energy demand that goes with that.

This event will help you think your way through the issues, find people who think like you, get some skills to take action and have fun.

Another world is possible. What are we waiting for?

Shell to sea campaign info night

Come & find out about the inspiring community-led campaign against Shell

in Ireland.

A night of talks & films, plus Q & A with local resident & campaigner

Terence Conway.

Friday 26th April 6pm

Room 4, Leeds University Student Union.

All welcome, free entry.

For over 12 years, the local community in Mayo have been resisting Shell's

plans to force through a high pressure raw gas pipeline and inland

refinery. Local people have gone through all possible channels to fight

the project.

Let down by the Government, many have been beaten, imprisoned and feel

under siege by the security and police. However people continue to protest

in order to protect their families, livelihoods and resources.

Come and hear the latest news and find out about the Rossport Solidarity

Camp WEEK OF ACTION 21st-30th June 2013.