Lets Spring!


I hope you all had a great Easter! It has been lovely here on the plots, the days are stretching like a bear coming out of hibernation, hungry for people; come back quick leeds needs you! Snow is still hanging around shivering in the shade but the sun has warmed the earth, the robin is happy for company and you can sense the vitality and energy budding in every corner. The Rhubarb is rearing red heads bull like strong and tender the fruit bushes are unfurling delicate fresh leaves ready to bloom like butterflies.

The compost bin is filling, even the waste, the left overs the unwanted by product of Green action is busy creating the soil of next year the food of the next generationGA rich and nutritious.  Thanks for all of you who have been saving the shavings, skins and soggy salads. It is a really easy way to do a lot for the allotment, get your housemates involved tell your mates and shout it out in the streets.

We are already a stride into the start of the growing season our feet need to be sinking into the soil propelling us forwards a run up for the long jump of summer. I have sown some leeks they are hanging out in the cold frame sending out some shoots tasting earthy freedom from their seeds. So much has to be sown in the next couple of weeks. Any body keen to get stuck in please get in touch. We will have a big tea and cake session, planning and preparing, sharing and sowing.

There is a kind old soul, Simon full of words, knowledge and generosity. He is working a beautiful plot a couple of plots down from us soley with the no dig technique, we should look listen and learn! He donated a whole bag of globe artichoke roots. I have planted them into the edge of the big bed in plot two. He also offered to fix up our push mower in return for use and is searching out some more doors. This could bring us up to a decent amount for shed building! This can be planned in more detail when we have a crowed. He wants a hand lifting down his garden table, which some creative scallies put in his tree. This might be next weekend if anyone is around?


Lots of fun, fires and free styling in spring come and get on it!