Whats the Plot?

The allotment has seen loads of people getting stuck in and it really shows! Many new people have got involved students and non students, the fireplace has been a center for evening socializing and we are reaping great rhubarb crops already.

We were well ahead of most of our neighbors because of all your hard work. Our broad beans are climbing tall and proud before most had even surfaced. Our beds were well turned and clear ready for the planting season and we have got things growing! People took home potatoes to chit (sprouting small shoots) they are now sprouting green leaves above ground in two big beds. We grew curly kale inside and in the cold frame and planted them out. The slugs love Kale and a bunch was munched in the first few nights! The bastards left no trace but a stalk. We tightly netted the pots after that! The leek seeds were scattered in seed trays and we painstakingly and with much trepidation pricked (removed) the weak ones and moved the strong ones around till there were 60 even spaced to a tray.

Thanks to a lot of weeding we have completely turned around the front bed infested with couch grass, soon this will be a salad bed! I have found another hidden gem saturated in a tub of water. Meters and meters of fine good quality netting. This was bought to go over the yellow hoops to protect the salads from birds and crops like carrots from plies. This will come in very handy and fortunately we have discovered the true purpose before completely chopping it up for miscellaneous tasks.

We have a Polly tunnel to erect for next year so plans need to be made and a space prepared for this. The shed is also ready to be built, the materials need stacking more carefully protected from the rain until construction begins. The cold frame and old plastic shelter could be deconstructed and the soil recovered for crops. All this and getting as many crops in as possible and       

We did a test run of crazy community compost collection, the Killa Kompost trike took a hefty load of kitchen waste from in front of the co-op. It seems this might be a high profile way of getting people to reuse their kitchen waste. We need to expand this to coffee grind collection from local coffee shops and newspaper/unprinted card collection for a healthy compost heap. A big thanks for the amazing artwork that Holly did for the project I hope you have all seen it!

Val has been making some amazing signage for the different crops and there is much more arty stuff to be done, scarecrow making!! After allotment sessions we have made some fantastic meals and enjoyed the evening long into the night. Everyone brought a contribution for the big pan and we cooked up some fantastic stews!




Wild food walk!!!

First of all, Wild Food Walk! The Green Action walk is on the 1st of June. There is a huge abundance of food out at the moment and I have been feasting on flowers, leaves and mushrooms over the last two weeks. There is more wild food available this month than probably any other month of the year. The full price for the Wild Food Walks is normally £25 per adult but we have a super special discount so the walk is just £15 per Green Actioner! And the best part? GA will be subsidising it so you'll only have to pay between £8.34 and £10 per person depending on how many people come, and this is including lunch! You will need to pay a deposit of £5 to confirm your booking and there are only 20 places so don't leave it too late! To book, just visit the 'Walks' page in my Shop.

Allotment afternoon

Come to the plot tomorrow afternoon for a bit of digging, chatting, weeding, tea drinking, and seed sowing. If the weather allows us we'll be getting beetroot and more tasty salad in, mmmmm….

Also, we're gonnna finish off the veggie wooden signs some of us made last week. They look ace, thanks people for getting involved!

The plot looks sooo good, veggies are all actually growing (:p), in almost-straight-lines even!  And all of this was thanks to all the people who worked on it during winter and spring.. so thank you all! 

Hope to see you in the 'morrow,