Minutes from 8-5-13 Meeting


So yesterday we had a lovely meeting at Joel's house, with a bring a dish full of delicious dishes.
1. Students for Cooperation. This is a network of students from varis towns across the UK hoping to set up a coop of student coops to help each other with housing coops and other things like GA.  The working group is working hard to organise the first meeting! Date for the meeting is still being worked on. We agreed that it would be great for GA to be part of the tour of Leeds coops, and that we can provide snacks. 
2. There was some concern that not everyone was looking/adding to the Google group exam coop timetable, so JOEL is going to print them off and stick them up- that way people can add to them, and people can see when it will be open…
3. That old chestnut CAKE! In the next few weeks, the priority slots to fill are Monday for cake and Thursday for veg and Lembas. So people should do these instead of their normal times, if they can. The people ordering the cakes should check (or get someone to check for them) if the slots of the following Monday have been filled. If so, order the cake. If not, don't.  
4. Postgrads/people who will be here over the summer are going to meet/organise to open the coop for one or two lunchtimes over the summer. It was thought that Thursday would be great, because then if they decide to do an order it will already be a filled time. 
5. We have £100 to spend before the end of the year. Saul had the excellent plan of subsidising a Wild food walk a la Mina on the 1st June. He will send an email with more details.
6. We also have a larger chunk of money which has been saved up over the years, which we do not have to spend. We agreed to always keep £500 in the bank as a safety net in case of disasters (eg the fridge breaks, we break something in the union which we have to pay for). Peace news will cost about £60. Then there are some other plans afoot for investments for the coop. JOY will send out more news on that, anon. 
Also Saul will fix the GA bike and use a tiny bit of money. 
7. Freshers. Kayleigh and Alice are going to organise an Induction day for the week or two after freshers. This can be advertised at the stall as a thing to come to.  They will also organise a meeting before freshers for people who are around, to organise things. The stall will need banners, snacks and general beautification (it might be worth thinking about ordering cake…?) Maybe use Tom's soundsystem?  Basically make it great!!! Also keep the coop open as much as possible, and do a big push for getting slots filled early. 
8. SQUARING UP TO THE ENERGY CRISIS!!! Is this Saturday at 1pm in room 6.  It's going to be very interesting and good, so you should come!!! 
That's all. 
Molly H.

Minutes from 23-9-13 meeting

Minutes for Green Action meeting on Sept. 23, 2013.

Started at 5. Ended at 6:25 in the Hidden Cafe

Present: Kayleigh, Davide, Will, Joel, Noelie, Neil, Joy, Richard

1. Asking for membership

Various discussions pointed to make it a policy to ask for membership. Since people are supposed to be a member to shop at the storefront, we need to track it and we have not been. The coop has operating costs and the membership fee pays for those costs. ACTION: inform members and new members that anyone purchasing at the store must be asked if they are a member, to show their card?, and if not, sign up and pay the £2 for the academic year.

Consensus was to continue using the book and use the stickers/cards for new members. Stickers go on the card stock with the year 2013-14 filled in. Need cardboard, like cereal box to reuse for cards.

Concensus was also that we need an electronic member list to keep track of members. Joel and Richard are working on this. ACTION: Richard send list of new member from Int'l Fresher's Fair to Joel, and Joel will add the rest of new members.

2. Suggestion for a new wholesaler, in particular, Suma. Joy sent info on Suma and Lembas a while back and will resend ACTION: Joy will send the background info again. We will meet in the next month to discuss, but need to advertise the meeting. One reason to change is that Suma is a coop and Lembas is not. There was a health food store in the past that was near campus that kept us from using Suma. The store ignore now, so No more competition to keep us from not using them. We need a catalog from Suma to compare, are there similar products and what about product sourcing info?

ACTION: Food hub is working up the info on the two  companies to pass around for the big discussion. didn't decide on a meeting date for this.

2a. Joel Brought up the issue of confusing nature of the Lembas invoice with VAT For some items and the differing number of bags or cases, that makes it complex to figure pricing.

ACTION: Joel will make a visual guide for pricing up a delivery, so it is more easily figured out.

2b. Joel also brought up the fact that fried snacks like wasabi peas are fried in palm oil and wonders if we should make sure we avoid palm oil products as the right thing to do. Need a discussion for the big discussion. also see Food Cafe.

2c. The last impromptu agenda item was from Neil who noticed that when we round prices up for food for 100 grams that the rounding up is adding to the cost..sometimes how do we keep the cost true. Can just put the real cost like 12.5p per 100 g….so it is more accurate. Some folks indicated that is really is a minimal amount and it contributes to the good work Green Action does.

ACTION: make people aware that we will move the decimal place to one more place for the actual price to try and see what folks think at the next big meeting. Hit it home at the induction (in other words, tell folks to use the extra decimal place when pricing).

3. slow food- Luke

4. students for co-operation ? ga ? housing coops Luke

5. bike admin

There was a scenario with the GA bike this summer that made us realize we need a bike policy. The bike is currently undercover to the right of the union. We brainstormed policy ideas as no one had the draft that Richard had written on Sept 5th. Ideas were that we Could have a diary to reserve it. Wondered Where would the diary live, need to buy a small diary. A suggestion was made to leave it with the other books. Another suggestion was that if you use the bike it is your responsibility, treat it like your own bike, you fix it if you break it. Or email for help to get it fixed. Budget for regular maintenance of bike should come from member fees, as sometime the bike will just need work to maintain it ( eg. brake pads).

ACTION  NOËLIE will get the diary RICHARD will send the draft policy to her. Q Will this need to be added to our by-laws?

6. roles- Luke

7. allotment- Luke

8. Food cafe – Sue and joy had the idea of a cafe discussion for detail talk on learning  the products and issues concerning them, sourcing, cooking, health, social and environmental impacts (por ejemplo,….palm oil discussion see the movie GREEN online for free.) Bring along food to try recipes. Make it available to all members and non-members

ACTION: talk to Sue, joy, Noelie, they are developing it.

8a. Another impromptu agenda item. Past sell/use date. What to do? Main idea was that it depends on the product and how long I t is past. People are pretty good about noticing when a date is getting near. Neil says the standard is to tell people if the date has gone by, but some items (dry beans, grains, etc) are OK. Other things  that may go rancid- oil, tofu, nut butters we reduce the price as we near the date. But then what?

9. For the Freshers on the 24th – bike and music, laptop, cake, poster for bread coop on bottom shelf, veg from allotment for the Freshers (Richard). 

10. Bread coop samples are coming on Weds. The 25th of Sept. Bread comes to GA but you order and pay on your own via their web site. Neil will be by the storefront on the delivery date. Dropping off around 10 -11 can leave at the desk if no one is there.

You can find these minutes on the GA web site. Taken by Richard D.

Next meeting Weds October 2  6:00 hidden cafe

Preliminary Agenda

1. Induction preparation

2. Slow food – Luke

3. Students for co-operation ? ga ? housing coops Luke

4. roles- Luke

5. allotment- Luke

Next BIG meeting in October preliminary agenda

1. Changing wholesalers from Lembas to Suma

2. Palm oil and other "problematic foods/products" policy discussion

3. Change of decimal point for pricing sense.

Public Meeting: No to Fracking

This summer, mass protests erupted when fracking company Cuadrilla started drilling in Balcombe in Sussex. But fracking will soon be happening in the North too.

 *Cuadrilla had to stop when their first attempts at fracking in Lancashire caused earthquakes and the casings of their wells were shattered. Now they’re planning to start work in Lancashire again.

 *Another fracking company, IGas, is planning to start work soon in Salford.

 * Coal bed methane projects have been approved across Yorkshire.

 * The Yorkshire coastline faces the threat of coal gasification – which involves setting fire to coal seams to release gas.
 We have just enough time to stop fracking taking hold in the UK. The industry is in its infancy and is vulnerable. Success lies with nation-wide community resistance.

 Join us at the public meeting to find out more about what fracking is and how we can work together to stop fracking in the North:

 * Report back from anti-fracking protests in Balcombe.

 * Speakers on the issues around fracking and other unconventional fossil fuels

 * Speakers from local communities across the North fighting off fracking including Residents Against Fracking in Fylde and Say No to Fracking on Barton Moss.

 What is fracking?

 Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. It is associated with water contamination, health problems in neighbouring communities, leakage of methane causing climate change and the industrialization of the countryside, amongst other impacts.