Autumn Sowing


Please join us at 4pm on the allotment and then 7pm for the Zero Carbon Britain lecture in the school of earth and environment.  



Sometimes things just fall into place and life moves forward, as it should. This summer has been one of those summers I think you might agree. As Autumn daubs its colours onto our green places it seems the ball has been set rolling, the leaves let drifting, we are in for a good one.


I invited you last week to turn with the seasons and join us on the land to be part of these changes. How that afternoon turned into a beautiful occasion as the compost was aerated and the paths cleared and the potatoes dug up and the fire stoked and the stew bubbled, the moon bright and round.


Val and myself turned the compost again lastnight dancing over the muddy task in our glad rags, quite a task! The temperature is rising and the worms are already feasting, I hope you might come to be so excited by this turning, the light soil the happy worms, for the pile must keep turning.


This week let it all fall into place again! The sun is set to shine the ground is prepared and ready for sowing, we have many varieties of beans donated by friends, we are ahead of the game and will have strong crops in spring. Give us strong flavors they cry, give us garlic we respond, lets get it in! when the night draws close ever earlier we can retreat, maybe to the pub maybe a small fire. We can pass some time before before an ex green actioner, traveling from far gives us a glimmer of hope, what would a Zero Carbon Britain look like?


Hopefully we will have many new faces as well as old


Come to the centre of the park (woodhouse moor) if you have not been before. 


If you cannot find us call Val or myself


Luke – 07542437755

Val – 07826715566



We are gathering to discuss BIG issues such as-

  • changing our supplier, lembas vs suma
  • should we be completely vegan, should we sell honey?
  • social media, should we be on facebook? 

If you have any ideas it would be good to send everyone a short email to get the idea ball rolling!


visit to the Bread Cooperative

We will be visiting the Bread cooperative that has just started in Leeds. The Food Coop in the Union is used as a pickk up point for the Bread cooperative so it will be great to get to know them better and how they work!

We are going at 9pm because that is when the bread comes out of the oven! 

The visit will be followed by a social (drinks and dancing)!

Minutes from 9th October meeting

Green Action Meeting 09/10/2013

6pm @ Packhorse


Present: Luke, Neil, Noëlie, Will, Davide, Kay, Nadine, Richard, Joy, Naomi, Yannish, Carli, Asa, Jessie, George.

Luke facilitating.

Naomi minute taking.


  • Extra agenda point from Yannish: Environmentalism, ideology and pragmatism – proposes re-examining GA’s complete veganism, in interests of environmentalism could consider stocking local, fair trade honey.  Consensus to reopen the debate at future meeting.


  • Need to call a General Meeting soon to discuss some big points such as the Suma vs Lembas decision. Needs to be after results are in on comparison between the two (in a couple of weeks). Also discuss honey! Will need to advertise the discussion topics so we get a good turn out and for/against notes can be circulated before the meeting.

ACTION: Yannish happy to write ‘for’ honey.

ACTION: Kay will make Doodle poll for the date. Proposed date range 23rd – 30th Oct.


  • GIAG this Saturday 12th including free wild food walk with Mina (which includes general campus tour – so need someone who knows building names etc to be in attendance). Meeting 4pm Parkinson Steps. Social after at Wharf Chambers OR fire on the allotment – weather dependent. On to Full Circle afterwards for Wonderful Sound gig.


  • FINANCE REPORT – Richard. Wasn’t possible to check accounts properly because accounts are backed up. Some invoices have been lost esp. Goosemoor and there are a couple of mistakes. Overall thinks we’re fine for money!

ACTION: (Richard) Move fuller finance report to next meeting, then we can do some forward planning.

  • Kay said we might have been awarded a new grant.
  • Also got email from Footprint r.e. payment for updated Green Guides (nice one Hannah & whoever helped!)- needs to be sorted as they asked for cash, Richard said we’d prefer to do by bank transfer or need receipt for cash payment, waiting to hear back from them. There is a big box of 200 new GGs in activities office with Greg the activities officer.

ACTION: Someone pick them up and take to Co-op!

  • ROLES (luke) Asa volunteered to help Neil with Goosemoor orders. Kay suggests we need more people involved with food ordering, Neil suggests we need an extra person when Lembas order is delivered.


  • [Quick point before Carli leaves – mentioned she and Naomi just signed up for shifts but both missed induction on Sunday. Noëlie explains need to shadow a shift first. ACTION: Experienced members names to be asterisked on the shift timetable.]



  • Back to list of roles:

    • Updating calendar regularly using forms on website, [Asa asks about facebook for events, brief overview of why we don’t currently use it – another thing to be discussed at a General Meeting – maybe we should rethink some core assumptions anyway/revisit constitution] Nadine volunteered.

ACTION: Someone to show Nadine how to update the website.

  • Publicity? Suggested unnecessary as whoever wants to organise event can send email
  • Meetings organiser – booking room, publicising details, maybe organising minute taker and facilitator in advance. No volunteers yet…
  • Bike co-ordinator – Noëlie volunteered.
  • Trips organiser/researching other related events – discussed that everyone hears of different things so could send info to one person. possibly covered by website anyway as this emails Luke events, so between him and Nadine updating website it’s probably covered. (Maybe revisit if people still think a specific role is needed?)



  • BIKE POLICY Noëlie gives overview. Limit on how long you can borrow bike for? System where you book bike in diary. [George suggests using GA bike to deliver veg boxes – brief discussion over whether this is necessary – never seen need before, delivery is Goosemoor’s job! Could ask at co-op to see if there is any demand for this though] 3 day limit agreed. After 3 days can renew bike at discretion of co-ordinator (contact co-ordinator) Key to be left in food co-op in second drawer.


  • NON PICK UPS – what happens to veg boxes/bread? Neil explains current deadlines (2 days after delivery/Monday for veg boxes), after this it is sold for a donation – Discussion about whether veg boxes should be left in co-op over weekend – maybe we are being too nice and there are environmental health concerns?! Consensus that over the weekend is too long and veg boxes should be picked up by Friday 2pm (this used to be policy anyway). Responsibility of person on shift at deadline to ring people whose order is uncollected.

ACTION: Neil will write up policy on a sign in the co-op


  • VACUUM – Richard has a small unwanted vacuum – do we want it to keep the co-op spick and span? Consensus: yes please!

ACTION: Richard will donate vacuum cleaner to the co-op (on trial basis).


  • SKILLSHARE – Joy explains – Claire from TIDAL wants us to indicate what skills we would benefit from. There is a survey which can be filled out as individual or group.

ACTION: Joy, Noellie, Kaye and anyone else who wants to will fill in on behalf of GA, (will send out email to organise). Would also help if people filled it in individually!


  • ENVIRONMENTAL CAMPAIGNING – lots of anti-fracking stuff going on at present. Summary list passed around. Next Leeds things:

    • 10th Oct ‘crossing the line’ Tactical/legal briefing 7.30 @ Wharf Chambers
    • 17th Oct Leeds Reclaim the Power meeting 6pm @ Victoria Hotel


  • APPLE DAY – 19th Oct. 1-5pm. Luke & Val taking GA stall, need some helpers. Kay, Naomi, George and Jessie volunteered.


  • BREAD CO-OP TRIP – We’ve been invited to go and see Leeds Bread Co-op’s bakery on Meanwood Road. We should go when the bread is coming out of the oven (mmmm); Tuesday or Thursday from 9pm. Proposed date Tuesday 29th. ACTION: Neil to check date with Bread Co-op.



    • Bee Day Saturday 12th @ Queens Hotel 1 – 4pm. Honey tasting, activities, hives, activism etc
    • Feed Leeds/Urban Food Justice ‘discussing a Leeds food strategy’ event 16th October @ Leeds Civic Hall room 4. All welcome to contribute/see what the councillors and local organisations think. 2.30 – 5pm.
    • CAT Zero Carbon Britain talk 24th October @ Earth and Environment Seminar Room – concern that the room may be too small for popular event?  –

ACTION: Ask Mary about cake for the event.

  • 9th Nov Seeds for Change consensus and facilitation workshop.


  • NEXT MEETING – in 2 weeks time on Monday 21st. 6pm @ ‘LUU Little House’

ACTION: Kay will book room.


Big up Luke for efficient facilitation!


 We are all a family under one sky 🙂