Autumn Sowing


Please join us at 4pm on the allotment and then 7pm for the Zero Carbon Britain lecture in the school of earth and environment.  



Sometimes things just fall into place and life moves forward, as it should. This summer has been one of those summers I think you might agree. As Autumn daubs its colours onto our green places it seems the ball has been set rolling, the leaves let drifting, we are in for a good one.


I invited you last week to turn with the seasons and join us on the land to be part of these changes. How that afternoon turned into a beautiful occasion as the compost was aerated and the paths cleared and the potatoes dug up and the fire stoked and the stew bubbled, the moon bright and round.


Val and myself turned the compost again lastnight dancing over the muddy task in our glad rags, quite a task! The temperature is rising and the worms are already feasting, I hope you might come to be so excited by this turning, the light soil the happy worms, for the pile must keep turning.


This week let it all fall into place again! The sun is set to shine the ground is prepared and ready for sowing, we have many varieties of beans donated by friends, we are ahead of the game and will have strong crops in spring. Give us strong flavors they cry, give us garlic we respond, lets get it in! when the night draws close ever earlier we can retreat, maybe to the pub maybe a small fire. We can pass some time before before an ex green actioner, traveling from far gives us a glimmer of hope, what would a Zero Carbon Britain look like?


Hopefully we will have many new faces as well as old


Come to the centre of the park (woodhouse moor) if you have not been before. 


If you cannot find us call Val or myself


Luke – 07542437755

Val – 07826715566


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