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Please see a couple of emails bellow if you would like to buy some happy eggs. I will vouch for the chickens health and wellbeing having helped Mina on the garden recently. After a really good consensus process in the first term we now have a process for stocking non vegan/controversial products so I suggested we should not put them straight on the counter/advertise them until we try it out. However as Mina is going to Kenya and needs to deal with these eggs now I said I would forward on her message and if necessary we could store them in the fridge, any major concerns objections?   

If I remember correctly (Does anyone have minuets??/Can we start a proper process to update the constitution + docs on the website!) The food hub will collect information on possible new product and present it to the list and in  a meeting to check of consensus, particularly focusing on ethical issues. This was done mainly with honey in mind but it was acknowledged that the process could be used for other non vegan and vegan stock. This could be done at the next meeting? Mina maybe if you have a spare moment you could send through any details of your chicken care and some pictures of the coop? We could explore some of the ethics of keeping chickens eating eggs and the industrial process vs homegrown. Everyone is super busy so maybe we should do this later in the year!? 

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Hello lovely Greenactioners!

The feathered brigade has been at it again and we are now drowning in eggs. So I thought I'd email and ask if anyone is interested in buying some. I have 8 boxes of eggs of many colours (even blue!) and they're £1.50 per box of 6. If you're interested in a box of lovely eggs from exceedingly spoilt chickens, please email/text me. I'll be on campus today from 11:45, in the refectory until 1:50, in a meeting until 2 then in Lyddon terrace till about 3 and collecting an order from the green food coop between 3 and 4 so can meet there too if that's easier. 

My mobile number is 07957227694.



On 13 Mar 2013, at 08:53, Mina Said-Allsopp <minamoo@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello everyone!


I thought I'd email in case anyone is interested. I have 11 hens and 3 ducks and they have all decided to come into lay at once so I have about a gazillion eggs. Believe it or not, I got chickens because I like hens, not cos I wanted oodles of eggs! I've brought some in to uni and will be in the coffee area of the school of earth and environment from 10-4 if you'd like to buy any. To cover the cost of their feed, Chicken eggs are £1.50 per box, Half chicken, half duck eggs in a box are £2 and duck only are £2.50. The hen eggs are all sorts of colours, even blue!


I've attached a picture of a few of our girls. The hen is Judge and she lays white eggs and the duck is Om Nom.






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