Gardeners Question Time in Leeds!

On the 28th of October the BBC flagship horticultural show ‘Gardeners Question Time’ will be recorded at Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan University). The event is hosted by a university-supported project: Back to Front, which was formed to create ‘front gardens that look good and taste better’ by inspiring people to grow fruit and vegetables in deprived areas of Leeds. Leeds Beckett Landscape Architecture students played a major role in the early days of Back to Front, helping to design a manual for would-be growers which included creative hints and tips on cultivating small front gardens using innovative and fun ‘up-cycled’ materials. This year students will be designing demonstration gardens in Cross Green to help inspire members of the public. Gardeners of all persuasions are invited to come and meet the panel, and ask questions on any horticultural topic of their choosing. Eric Robson is in the chair and the team will be Bob Flowerdew, Christine Walkden and Matthew Wilson.

Weekend away!

Please join me for a work weekend at my parents house. They helped set up a sustainable small holding in Nottinghamshire called Hockerton Housing Project. We will get the train on saturday morning and cycle 12miles to the project at the other end. It will be inspiring and exciting and productive. We will be helping to harvest and process apples and get stuck into other tasks on land, we will have a fire, cook food and have fun. Limited space so please me asap if you are keen – for more details and to confirm a place. 3rd year running, looking forwards to it!

Apple Day

We’ll need two (or more) people on the stall and someone to oganise transporting the coop’s staples/snacks there and back at beg/end of the day. the event is held in Headingley at the Heart centre. Taking part costs us £15 but we normally make it back throughout the day by selling grains, snacks etc. It’s still a ways away but Helen would like to know if we’re in. Val is not sure she can be there on the day this year but is am happy to help organising/coordinating it when it comes to it. If interested contact Val or the Green Action list.

Located at the HEART Centre, Bennett Road, LS6 3HN

GA Fresher’s Fair

This is where we sign up the bulk of our members for the year! Get to know Green Action and become a member (or renew) for only £2. Get your membership card with important info (web links and email).

Come to the Hidden Cafe at 4:00 the day before to plan for this.