Meeting the allotment team

Having previously met Luke, one of Green Action’s coordinators, for an initial discussion on how I can best contribute to the organisation; I was looking forward to meeting the rest of the team and getting started. Meeting at Hyde Park Source, an environmental community organisation close to Leeds University, I was introduced to fellow organisers; Val, Naomi and Karl over freshly baked bread and homemade soup.

Clearly very passionate about sustainability, the environment and community participation, everyone was very friendly, and bubbly with excitement; although realistic about the nature of a largely a student fuelled organisation. An important point to understand was highlighted; at the end of each academic year, many of the years volunteers will leave. There was a real possibility that coordinators will be over stretched and the allotment will fall idle, perhaps for months.

I was keen to explore the efficiency of the allotment space and how to avoid both over using the space and stretching remaining volunteers at the end of each academic year. However, of more importance on this occasion was discussing how best to accommodate the influx of new volunteers at the first introduction event, sche­duled for the following day.

A fresh rota of weekly meetings was arranged and facilities for the next day’s introductory talks confirmed. At the close of the meeting, I took up the opportunity to gather a selection of photos showing the current state of the allotment; clearly there is a great deal of potential with the two plots. I am looking forward to contributing how the space develops.


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