Millet Breakfast!

Hey folks!

So I thought id share what makes my mornings so fantastic – millet.

We all love a good old bowl of porridge for breakfast and with oats containg rediculously high amounts of protein its a hard breaky to beat, however then I discovered millet, for those with slightly more of a savoury taste its a winner.

Millet is a combination of a number of different grains which are all native to Africa and Asia they are used across these continents in breads, malts, beers and porridge!

Plus for all those gluten intolerant food lovers out there, millet is gluten free!

Go on, give yerself a cup of millet with a few cups of water, boil it up and simmer for half an hour (if you soak in the fridge over night it only takes 5 mintues), add some raisins and goji berriesfive minutes before its ready to plump them up.Add a dash of cinnamon and a selection of seeds scattered on top – maybe even half a grapefruit to satisfy those sour – sweet taste buds.

You ll be bouncing! 

Let me know if you find a successful breaky recipe, id love to try it out!

Beth x

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