General Green Action Meeting

General Green Action meeting this Wednesday 29th October to go over what we’ve achieved and set new targets. Baines Wing SR 2.15

  • Go through previous meetings action points
  • Working groups (foodhub, allotments & campaigning) report on progress
  • Controversial decisions discussed and consensus tried for
  • Account report 
  • Web report
  • Date set next general meeting
  • Discuss next month’s post-meeting social eg. Skillshare, Film viewing, Understanding Cooperatives  
  • Assign facilitator and minute taker for next meeting
  • Discuss other socials / events that we want to organise in the next month eg. Seeds For Change consensus workshop, bike rides, trips
  • Is grassroots something we want to do at some point this year?

If you want something included or can’t find us, my number is 07714220196


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