Minutes 29/10/14

We had our first meeting post re-structuring and we had lots to get through! Now we have some new meetings and action points below:

Campaigning-  Weds Nov. 5th 5.00 Hidden Café
Finance – Thurs 13th Nov – 6:00 at Hidden Café

Country Ramble/Tree planting – 23rd Nov  – TBC
General Meeting – 26th Nov – Alice will facilitate

Christmas Dinner – 3rd Dec – Cornerstone


Action Points from meeting:

Joseph: Email everyone with proposed campaigning structure and advertise 5th Nov campaigning meeting

Andrea: Organise finance meeting – Thurs 13th Nov 6pm Hidden Café, set £100 aside for Allotments

Hannah B: Ask Union about mural on foodcoop shutters

Alice: Question bread coop on possible workshop. Organise Good Food week between Rosie, Joel and Luke. Get Will from Amnesty International in contact with Joseph. Ask seeds for change for a workshop on consensus.

Steph: Invite people to help write for Leeds Uni Paper

Richard: Create account and page for Leeds Summat

Luke: Email round about getting an allotment key

Ella: Look into Hebden bridge tree planting social 21st-23rd Nov

Asa: Book a room for 26th Nov meeting



Began at about 6:15 Baine’s Wing 2.15

Present- Annmarie,  Jenny, Luke, Richard, Andrea, Leyre, Joseph and Jonas, Asa, Alice, Ella, Bryher

The idea is that our three sub groups report on happening and progress, then the rest of the agenda items get covered.

Allotment~ needs money (their usual budget which has been about £100.) Luke will track the £100 for now until we have another system. They’ve developed a framework of people who can all facilitate work on the plots, they devised a book for tracking money and tasks that is in the storage bin at the plots. Planning to build a shed very soon, will need volunteers. They have transformed the allotments over the last few weeks and are about to plant fall and winter crops.

Food hub~ Monday meetings, planned the first food cafe on honey. Please come! Looking to carry bulk tea at the shop and trying to  get the right supplier. Good attendance 7-10 people at meetings.


Campaigning~ Meeting was postponed. Went to the Political and Campaigning Societies Assembly to meet other society folks instead. Thinking about all the different campaigns we could support such as:

Meat free Mondays

No profit on tampons etc. – sell Mooncups at Essentials?

Get leeds university to go fossil free (as far as investments go)

Amnesty international Human Rights week with Will. Alice has contact to be passed to Joseph

Alice needs someone to take the reigns of Campaigning side of GA. She is doing People and Planet and is stretched too thin.
There is Green Exchange funding available but we need to apply for it (not very hard to do).
So much we could do and so little time… Joseph has a structure in mind to run instead of having a campaign happen yet.

Took time to brainstorm GA campaigns – could be one group that does a campaign then disbands and another group comes on. Ideas for it Joseph will come with a proposal for the next meeting and tell about it at the meeting. Joseph will email everyone with proposed structure and Ella will help with campaigning.

Uni food ethics-the lunch deals should have heathy option
Agriculture Culture
Grassroots…Pedal powered parties
Compost Drive


Accounts~ We have about £700 and £200 in the membership. Issue with membership account. People have to take cash up to the cash office, can’t let it build up. How to do it is in the accounts book in the drawer and in the Handbook. Need to have a finance meeting to figure out a budget so we can plan for regular expenses and unexpected ones.

Website~ Got the contacts sheet on the web site (near the top right Under ABOUT), drawing up instructions for posting. Cleaning out old SPAM and protecting it from SPAMMERS.

Shop graffiti~ Hannah Biggs is checking with the Uni. as to whether it will be OK and if they have to OK the art or not.

Publicity~ Got contacts on web site, got emails of folks, had a GIVE IT A GO to the bread coop. ACTION Alice to question bread coop on possible workshop. Some members will put writings into the Uni paper and can advertise events, particularly on sustainability, if folks are interested, email Steph (in the contacts sheet). Have a fortnightly email newsletter for folks on the handwritten email list (book).

Events~ Need a food event for Good Food Week, from 10th Nov! There is space for us, an idea for comparing the land and water use of meat to vegan diet, the presentation can sit there. Talk to Rosie where we could have an all day display and a sour kraut demo

Other stuff~ Leeds for change website summat event. ACTION RICHARD make an account and put our info on for GA? DONE

Students for cooperation Alice, Issy and Annmarie would need funding to go to Edinburgh, can we fund it? Will ask at next general meeting, post finance meeting.

Can GA reimburse radical routes trip transport? How much for who?

Meetings~ do we want General meetings more often for shorter, less often but longer. Need the subgroup meetings to sort stuff out and make things happen. 

Campaign- meet weds Nov. 5th 5.00 Hidden Café – Joseph to organise
Food hub- Monday Nov 3 5:30 at Hidden Café?
Finance Thurs 13th Nov – 6:00 at Hidden Café – Andrea and Richard to organise?
General on the 26th Nov – Alice will facilitate – Asa book a room

Social~ Ideas from shop: Bike ride, bowling, skill share, movies, a country ramble,  Xmas dinner, big allotment project + bonfire. Tried to choose socials where we could socialise like a walk or meal.

Ella will look into weekend tree planting at Hebden Bridge or a burley and wharf dale walk to Ilkley walk the 23rd Nov

Big Party at Luke’s the 29th Nov

Christmas Dinner at Cornerstone 3rd December

Ended at 8:05 Minutes by Richard D. Improved by Annmarie AKA Wonder Woman

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