24 November minutes

Start: 5.40pm Annmarie, Jenny, Georgie, Christa, Marcel, (Ryan Smith – Artist)

  1. Mural design
  • not intimidating
  • bright/colourful/sunny
  • not just rabbit food
  • not just explanation of who we are – more like art
  • Have 2-4 colours
  • Considered lots of nuts spilling over
  • We all liked either the idea of a large figurative central tree with the branches becoming different things
  • Or all underground , having a network of ‘grassroots’ becoming different things or being filled with cool shapes

We all liked the roots idea, ‘grassroots’ and as shop is underground, but didn’t want it to be too literal browns and greens. ACTION – GEORGIE PRINTS BASIC OUTLINE SKETCH AND BRINGS TO GENERAL MEETING TO BE SHARED ROUND WITH PENS TO GET EVERYONES IDEAS

  1. Did the Shopping List for what’s to be ordered on Thursday together.
    • Not buying quinoa until a fairtrade supplier is found
    • Need to print info on failed Apricot crop for black folder – ACTION?
    • Pistachios were not delivered. ACTION – JENNY CALLS LEMBAS ABOUT PISTACHIOS
    • Would be easier if we had master list of basic stock – ACTION – ANNMARIE ASK MARCEL TO SENT IT AROUND
    • Joel is leaving so Jenny will do the orders with Bissera
  1. Membership Cards


  1. Goodforbellie

It is not good for the coop for entire stock to be sold.


  1. Looked at Loomio threads

TRJFP – space has been booked for a stall on Tuesdays. ACTION – JENNY WILL ARRANGE WITH TRJFP INSURANCE FOR STALL, then we will invite people to man the stall

Snacks – Orderers just need to take the consensus into account – up to 5 snack bars, savoury pastries ordered. Will discuss more flapjacks from That Old Chestnut next time. No more crisps until  discussed at foodhub.

End: 18.40pm

18 November minutes


-Past meetings Action points

RJFP fundraising: Pay as you feel Cafe on Campus?

-Sourcing of Xyllitol  gum/ mints

Tea Cafe: February?

Ban List: Palm Oil Free/ Quinoa? where is it sourced?

-Shop’s snack overload

-Shopping List tally system: 3 ticks= discussion of whether to order item

Shopping List sorted on a Monday at the meeting

Mural: potential idea to discuss with Ryan Smith graffiti artist who will attend meeting next week


  1. SNACKS: Too many snacks in shop: reduce to Nakd bars, CHoco and plain sesame snaps and gluten free 9 bars. Should encourage less packaged items/ more engagement at the food co-op with its members

Decide what is ordered at Monday meetings. (Up to 5 items can be added after this to ensure there is more of a consensus with what is ordered). Will trial this next Monday.


Will now take place at the food co-op.

Individual tasks:

Georgie: add ‘Mural Idea’ thread to Loomio so people can input there ides of what should go on it

Jenny: Contact Connor about potential ‘Pay as you feel’ cafe on campus for Junk Food project fundraising

Ban List: start list

Anna: (point from last week) research biodegradable containers for the shop

Asa: would you be able to contact Goosemoore about a potential trip there?

Bryher: start Loomio thread on RJFP fundraising ideas

Ann-Marie: Research into sourcing of Quinoa/ whether it should be banned

Marcel: Research where to source Xyllitol gum/ mints?

10 November Minutes


  • Action points from last week:
  • Annmarie: Honey from Headingly: 6.95 retail price, use membership money for this.
  • Asa: brought the North Star coffee!
  • Marcel: issues with the tea! Payment has to be through invoice, need to get the company to send one. No reply!


  • Loomio
  • Containers
  • Food Café
  • Armly Real Junk Food Project
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Non-organic produce
  • Give it a go
  • Amnesty food


There’s already one for Grovsner Mount – ask if you want to be added (but its secret)

Make a Green Action loomio and a food hub subsection then present to big group

Food Café

  • Wednesday at 6: BRYHER AND ANNAS HOUSE. 17 Hessle View, Hyde Park
  • Social afterwards, Jazz gig at LS6
  • Maple Syrup and Agave Syrup need researching!
  • Everyone have a copy of their information that they can email so we can make a daterbase


  • Need more!

 Real Junk Food Project

  • They need to raise money to survive!
  • Can we help them?!
  • Someone is trying to set up a Pay As You Feel on campus funded by Green Exchange: meet them and get them into the Grovsner Rd Project.

 Rapeseed Oil

  • Not being bought, so maybe we don’t want to buy more just yet

 Non- Organic Produce

  • Shall we do a food café on this?! YES

Give it a go

  • We need a bigger one!
  • Ideas: bike powered film: donations could go to the rjfp


  • 8-12 December, will bring up at the next GM


  • AM: Contact Headingly honey man and ask if he will give us/sell us some honey at retail price
  • ASA: Call Lembas and ask by Agatha bester tea infusers are good
  • ASA: Find out who said they’d do the cleaning rota
  • M: Find out if there is any other way of paying the tea people other than invoices
  • AM: Make a Green Action loomio and a food hub subsection then present to big group
  • Maple Syrup and Agave Syrup need researching for food cafe
  • ANNA: Research possibility of biodegradable pots
  • Bryher: RJFP fundraising