10 November Minutes


  • Action points from last week:
  • Annmarie: Honey from Headingly: 6.95 retail price, use membership money for this.
  • Asa: brought the North Star coffee!
  • Marcel: issues with the tea! Payment has to be through invoice, need to get the company to send one. No reply!


  • Loomio
  • Containers
  • Food Café
  • Armly Real Junk Food Project
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Non-organic produce
  • Give it a go
  • Amnesty food


There’s already one for Grovsner Mount – ask if you want to be added (but its secret)

Make a Green Action loomio and a food hub subsection then present to big group

Food Café

  • Wednesday at 6: BRYHER AND ANNAS HOUSE. 17 Hessle View, Hyde Park
  • Social afterwards, Jazz gig at LS6
  • Maple Syrup and Agave Syrup need researching!
  • Everyone have a copy of their information that they can email so we can make a daterbase


  • Need more!

 Real Junk Food Project

  • They need to raise money to survive!
  • Can we help them?!
  • Someone is trying to set up a Pay As You Feel on campus funded by Green Exchange: meet them and get them into the Grovsner Rd Project.

 Rapeseed Oil

  • Not being bought, so maybe we don’t want to buy more just yet

 Non- Organic Produce

  • Shall we do a food café on this?! YES

Give it a go

  • We need a bigger one!
  • Ideas: bike powered film: donations could go to the rjfp


  • 8-12 December, will bring up at the next GM


  • AM: Contact Headingly honey man and ask if he will give us/sell us some honey at retail price
  • ASA: Call Lembas and ask by Agatha bester tea infusers are good
  • ASA: Find out who said they’d do the cleaning rota
  • M: Find out if there is any other way of paying the tea people other than invoices
  • AM: Make a Green Action loomio and a food hub subsection then present to big group
  • Maple Syrup and Agave Syrup need researching for food cafe
  • ANNA: Research possibility of biodegradable pots
  • Bryher: RJFP fundraising