18 November minutes


-Past meetings Action points

RJFP fundraising: Pay as you feel Cafe on Campus?

-Sourcing of Xyllitol  gum/ mints

Tea Cafe: February?

Ban List: Palm Oil Free/ Quinoa? where is it sourced?

-Shop’s snack overload

-Shopping List tally system: 3 ticks= discussion of whether to order item

Shopping List sorted on a Monday at the meeting

Mural: potential idea to discuss with Ryan Smith graffiti artist who will attend meeting next week


  1. SNACKS: Too many snacks in shop: reduce to Nakd bars, CHoco and plain sesame snaps and gluten free 9 bars. Should encourage less packaged items/ more engagement at the food co-op with its members

Decide what is ordered at Monday meetings. (Up to 5 items can be added after this to ensure there is more of a consensus with what is ordered). Will trial this next Monday.


Will now take place at the food co-op.

Individual tasks:

Georgie: add ‘Mural Idea’ thread to Loomio so people can input there ides of what should go on it

Jenny: Contact Connor about potential ‘Pay as you feel’ cafe on campus for Junk Food project fundraising

Ban List: start list

Anna: (point from last week) research biodegradable containers for the shop

Asa: would you be able to contact Goosemoore about a potential trip there?

Bryher: start Loomio thread on RJFP fundraising ideas

Ann-Marie: Research into sourcing of Quinoa/ whether it should be banned

Marcel: Research where to source Xyllitol gum/ mints?