8th December Meeting Minutes


  • No food order will be placed this week, and will not be until next semester (Date TBC)  
  • But, for any volunteers who are in Leeds over the Christmas break it is still possible to open up the food co-cop
  • REMINDER: Please hand out the mural leaflets to all members who come to the food coop, and encourage them to bring it back, or scan it through. We need to get designing soon 🙂 


  • “Conflict resolution”/ ethics team to be put forward at next General Action Meeting (12th January TBC): Following a few unresolved issued this semester, it was suggested that a team of 1/2 people within Green Action could have a role of solving any problems. 
  • Unbalance of stock: Problems with Lembas (do we change organisation next semester…Suma?), and food order team (should attend food hub meetings regularly) 
  • Give it a Go will be organised on Loomio: Film and Food night suggested 
  • Low stock of oil: There still needs to be research around this as organic extra virgin olive oil tends to be expensive 
  • Bread order over Christmas: The union help desk have been contacted  


  • Jenny: Christmas timetable 
  • Izzie: Cleaning timetable and send around an email about the importance of cleaning! 
  • Annmarie: Email Jenny and Bissera about Lembas 
  • Marcel: Meeting coordinator – update google doc on website 
  • Asa: Send reminder to Bissera no food order to be made this week 
  • Timetable for next semester… was this going to be done online first? Didn’t note down who’s task this was but happy to do it otherwise

– Update: Zoe made one